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Six coolest college start-ups

by Ellie Abraham (writer), , May 30, 2016

There are some famous ideas of business that is quite common in college and are successful as well. Sharing some coolest college start-ups here in this article

It is a known fact that in today’s time of unemployment and joblessness, there are college graduates as well who are suffering from jobless situation. For that reason, some intelligent mind thinks about their own start-ups with respect to their expertise. There are some famous ideas of business that is quite common in college and are successful as well. College grads take advantage of the insights and support of their instructors and professors and by taking lead to marketing opportunities from those who live in college campus.


First most common start-up in college is teaching or instructing. Senior students give classes to their juniors with respect to their experiences for which they learned when they were at the same year. Usually people start with free classes and when it reached to beyond the imagination, and then they start charging each student. This is the widest and lifelong start-up of college life.

ii.Transportation facility

It is also one of the coolest start-up of college is when a student who can drive and have facility of transportation, he or she offers this facility with his or her friends and other classmates of college to give pick and drop service to them by charging them. Hence, those whose home come on the way to that girl or boy, then he or she offer service to them wisely.

iii.Web designing

This is one of the major and serious incomes of college students who start their business of web designing and development. They take orders of everything like from designing a logo to complete website revamps. Hence, those who already have facility of computers, laptops and software then their start-up costs tend to be minimum. Those who are with art majors also work along with them so that they can design a good logo or offer services that make materials more attractive for the client.


One of the coolest start-up of college is creative advertising and marketing like tech students. It is beneficial for them to start offering services to local shops and business.


Those students who are good in writing offer their services to develop marketing materials for others that can attract them more and precisely.

vi.Cooking and baking

This is also considered as the widest start-up within college as different students who love baking and cooking, they take orders from their friends for their events and bring their order and charge them accordingly.

The above start-ups are the coolest and widely used within colleges by students in order to earn before they finish their studies. This practice gives them idea that what they can opt for higher education in terms of field.

About the author: Ellie Abraham is a financial advisor and an academic consultancy at Dissertation Writing Service who encourages college start-ups by giving them loans and ideas for their college start-up. Usually she advises to choose those businesses that have few investment only since in students life, students don’t have much money to invest for their own business.

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