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Things To Know Before Climbing Mount Everest

by Jaddy (writer), , May 30, 2016

Things one must have to know before climbing mount Everest.

Every year many people go for hiking to Mount Everest. It’s a dream of almost everyone to visit and climb one of the highest mount in the world. Mount Everest has highest peak in the world and many people strive to reach the summit. Climbing this mount is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, determination and fitness level. The summit or peak of mount Everest can be reached slowly as it takes a lot of time due to many obstacles that climbers face while hiking.

Climbing the Mount Everest is not an easy task , it requires alot of work. For people who want to climb it , they must not do it all alone without taking guidance from anyone experienced in this field. Many people who thought that they can do it by themselves were lost in the mountain and only some of them were found and fortunately received aid.

Climbing Mount Everest gives as much pleasure to a climber as kids entering Disney Land. The month of May known as the window is believed to be an ideal time to climb this Mount. The weather in the month of May is most of the times very stable and wind speeds are also less. The rock at the peak or summit is made up of Marine Limestone.

This mount is called by many names like , Tibetans call it “Chomolungma”. In Nepal this mount is called “Sagarmatha” which literally means Forehead in the Sky. The number of people who attempt to climb the peak have steadily increased with time. Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most known company guiding and planning trip for people who want to reach the summit without facing many difficulties and obstacles on their way.

Before making your way to climb this giant mountain you must keep in mind that you must first of all get yourself ready and fit. Your fitness level must be very good. You must try hard to increase your strength and stamina before climbing this mountain. Stamina could be increased with many exercises but biking , swimming , hillside climbing and jogging are believed to be very effective for increasing it.

Once you think that you are ready and have enough stamina and strength to climb the mount you must keep in mind to get guide from a proficient tam like Nepal Hiking Team. This team can arrange almost everything for their customers in order to help them to be safe and enjoy the adventure. Nepal Hiking Team will also let you know about local culture and environment of that place. They will guide you completely like what to wear what to have , give you meals , coffee etc throughout the trek.

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