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Renting a Private Jet: Things You Need to Consider

by Alicia Hill (writer), , May 27, 2016

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This post will walk you through considerations that need to be taken into account when thinking out renting a private jet.

When you have a little extra money to spend on travel, you think about whether booking a private jet is a better choice than public air travel. They certainly have their differences and it will all come down to what you want out of your flight. Therefore, it is best to know what you get out of both before making that big decision.

The Space

If you have ever flown on a passenger jet, then you know that you are renting a very small space for the duration of your flight. You have enough room for a bag or two, your legs and your body. If you are lucky enough to fly first class, you get a bit more space to stretch out, but you still only have the seat or seats for which you paid. When it comes to aircraft charter, you have as much or as little of the plane as you want. You can fly solo and have the entire cabin to yourself or you can bring along family, friends or colleagues and share the space.

Shared Cost

You may be considering a private jet for a group travel outing or business trip. If you offer seats to the group, you can share the cost of flying. The price will probably still be greater than that of a general airline ticket, but you will get the benefits of private flight for a fraction of the cost.


The services are one of the biggest reasons for choosing an aircraft charter for your trip. First class has nothing on this. While not all private services are the same, they are virtually all more luxurious. You can typically choose what and when you want to eat. There are connections for full business operations, movies and music. You are considered in the lap of luxury if you are offered a hot towel and mediocre champagne on a public flight.

Aircraft Options

When you charter a private jet, you can choose the plane or at least the type of plane you want. You may have to opt for something suitable for the actual flight parameters, but you are not stuck with a beast of a plane if you do not want one. If you want to see a sleek airplane and get to ride in it too, that is your choice.

Waiting and Airport Options

The greatest advantage to aircraft charter is the choice of airport and the lack of wait times. If you want to take off from a small local airport, that is up to you. You do not have to go through long security checks. You do not even have to go the main section of an airport if you opt for a large central one. Virtually all of the stress involved with flying, apart from the flying itself, is eliminated.

Ultimately, you will have to decide if you want to spend the extra money for fewer hassles, or simply want to experience this type of travelling once in a lifetime. Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? You may want to think about that too. It is a personal choice that will be easier to make now that you know the difference.

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