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Cost effective ways to improve your home

by K Fogarty (writer), , May 26, 2016

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A perfect relaxing home.

Turning your house into a home need not cost a fortune. With a bit of hard work and creativity you can transform your living space even on a tight budget.

They say having a clear out is good for the soul and unblocks the mind but when it comes to home improvements we are often put off by the cost and the mess. Don’t think improving the home has to involve replacing your kitchen or large items of furniture though, it needn’t cost a fortune. There are many ways you can update and refresh your living space to make it feel like a new house. Read on for some simple and effective ideas:

Update your kitchen

The kitchen is often the focal point of any home but with all that use there’s always going to be a certain amount of wear and tear as time goes by. Buying a new kitchen is expensive and a big investment for most people’s budgets so why not consider changing doors. Providing the internal areas of the cupboards are in good condition, a cupboard door change instantly gives your kitchen a cost effective facelift. If you have doors you can paint then that’s another option and if you like your existing doors why not think about adding new handles. Other kitchen updates you can try are installing new splashbacks or adding a new kitchen work top. Both of these can completely change the look of your kitchen for the fraction of the cost.

Update your bathroom

Similar updates can be done to freshen up your bathroom. Clean the grout and add new taps, shower head and a heated towel rail and stacks of fresh new towels can turn your bathroom into the perfect relaxing space. Removing the shower curtain and adding a glass shower screen is another stylish addition that will help update any existing bathroom suite.

Soft furnishings and lighting

A change of curtains, cushions and throws can add a new dimension to your living room or bedroom. If you have a neutral colour palate then changing soft furnishings with the seasons can create the fresh atmosphere needed for spring and summer and add a warm, cosy feel for those dark winter months. You should also give consideration to lighting. New lights, lamps or simply fresh, dust free lampshades can make all the difference.

Go green

Adding stunning house plants to your home is a simple way to improve the air quality and the look of your home. Whether you like flowering plants or structural non-flowering greenery, they can be used to great effect in any room. It’s not just the plants that add a stylish touch, you can choose stunning planters to add to the look. They can be chosen to coordinate with your colour palate or used to add colour to a neutral colour scheme. Available in different finishes from high gloss plastic to metallic such as steel or copper, an eye catching plant in a fabulous planter can become a real focal point in any room.

Clear the clutter

One major change that will have a dramatic effect in any home that costs nothing, is clearing the clutter! Sorting through your cupboards and drawers and filling the charity bag is an extremely cathartic and empowering experience. To stop future clutter gathering you need to create more storage solutions. You can add baskets to shelves that become drawers, stack pretty boxes to create an interesting feature in a room and wheelie boxes under the bed are the perfect place to store your bed linen. If you have space in your hallway, adding a unit to store your shoes will tidy up the entrance to your home and buying clear shoe boxes that can stack neatly in your wardrobe will mean your shoes don’t drop out every time you open your wardrobe door and you can see exactly what shoes are inside the boxes too speeding up things up in the morning! So what are you waiting for, be ruthless, have a clear-out and reap the benefits of a neat and tidy, spacious home.

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