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2016 Link Building Best Practices – 6 Tips & Techniques

by Craig McConnel (writer), Gilbert Arizona, May 25, 2016

Link building is still important in most search engine optimization. So no matter what some may say link building is not dead.

Link Building Tips in 2016

Link building is dead? Link building is still important in most search engine optimization. So no matter what some may say link building is not dead. Though link building has become a bit more complex over the years it is still important. There are some tips and techniques you can follow to make it a bit more easier.

Building relationships is key to good link building. The more relationships you build the bigger the audience. There are many new contracts, you start with niche related type industry, such as blogs or social groups. Provide value by discussing comments, posts and contributing to discussions. Ask your friends and family for backlinks to their blogs or websites. Building relationships is a very important tip to follow

Another technique is starting a blog. Starting a blog can be fun. But if you start a blog don't just start a blog and let it sit there. You need to keep your blog going. Write posts on you blog on a daily basis or at least a regular basis. When writing a blog focus on your clients needs in your industry. The content in your blog should be relevant and useful to your consumers. This way you will have more people wanting to link to it over and over and that is how you create backlinks. You have to earn your backlinks.

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Many businesses offer their consumers a chance to say a few words about their experience with your products and so on. In this aspect it is good to give testimonials. Giving testimonials is a great way to build consumers trust. As a consumer nothing is better than reading testimonials from other consumers that have used different products. Having consumers leave a testimonial gives you a great opportunity to get a backlink and more traffic from the site. Testimonials have a higher rate than your standard link request email. So with this you will receive new incoming links.

Sponsorships is another link building tactic to use. Sponsor an even or charity. Its not only a way to get your name in front of a larger audience but also gains you high quality backlinks. But don't just sponsor any event or charity. Do some research into different events and charities. Ones that are popular but also have common ground with your industry. There are so many events and charities to choose from now a days.

Newsletter subscriptions. Newsletters are a great way of communicating and sharing. When used the right way, newsletters can be a great benefit. Newsletters will get attention and awareness of your clients. You'll increase sharing of it and therefore increasing the traffic and amount of backlinks. It's a win, win.

You ever want to learn about something and you are greeted with a long article of text, which really just puts you off? Well lastly, but certainly not the least is infographics. Infographics can be fun and quick way to learn about a topic, without all the heavy reading. There are so many styles of infographics. The ultimate goal for all infographics is to be shared. Infographics is a great way to tell a story with ease. They will get a lot of attention and can go viral. It really depends on the quality for companies to use them. Infographics is definitely a great advancement in link building and should be taken advantage of.

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Link building has never been easy. But great things require a lot of time and effort. Like they say Rome wasn't built in a day. Link building is a great way to add value to the web. Link building may be hard but you should still want to create good links instead of bad ones. Don't try to take the easier quick road and use link techniques that will do you more harm than good. Now there is software out there to help you with SEO backlinks, which most are really good. There are also many other people out there who have learned from trial and error.

That is another great tip for building links. As other link builders like Earned Links has said, this can be beneficial so you don't go through the same errors they did. Ask someone who has more experience. For the most part you need to focus on the users. The users are everything, without them you would have nothing. Build links that has common ground, make them enriching for the web and the users. Building links again isn't easy but it is definitely worth the time and effort, especially if you build a link that are sure you can be proud of.

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Craig McConnel is founder and CEO of Webspand, a Phoenix-based SEO agency. He is an experienced SEO strategist and Google Adwords PPC expert. He is also one of the top 3 link building experts in the USA and manages the paid search for the digital marketing agency, Digital Current.
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