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Simple Exercise Tips for Extremely Busy People

by lenardjohnson (writer), , May 24, 2016

Simple exercises busy people can do anywhere, anytime.

Too busy to exercise? You might be willingly putting yourself at risk for chronic illnesses in the future. Being too busy is no longer a valid excuse for a day spent mostly sitting down. Exercising helps us stay healthy by burning bad cholesterol, improving our rate of metabolism and strengthening muscles. A good exercise regimen, combined with a healthy diet, will protect you from cancer or heart disease as you get older. So, here are several exercising tips that even the busiest schedule can handle.

10 Minutes are Enough

The amount of exercise that you need will depend on your body mass index (BMI) score. However, some exercise is always better than no exercise, even if it is less than the amount you need. Therefore, aim to allow at least 10 minutes of daily exercising in your busy schedule. You can find a fitness trainer to design short exercise routines that you can practice daily.

Take the Stairs

Next time you are at the office or a shopping mall, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Such simple activities can make up for calorie burning in the absence of a proper exercise regimen. Walk short distances instead of driving, and get your own coffee if someone else does it for you.

Buy Dumbbells

If you don’t have time to go the gym to use the bicep curler or the triceps extension to strengthen your arm muscles, get dumbbells you can use at home. Dumbbells are easy to carry and store at home or in the office. Keep them nearby, so if you find yourself several free minutes each day, you can easily give your upper arms and chest a workout.

Do Squats before Showering

You do not need any equipment to do squats. You can do them any place private where there’s enough space for you to kneel down. A single squat is a simple enough exercise to perform, but is significantly difficult to execute without experience. Squats can give your thighs, glutes, lower back and core muscles a comprehensive workout in a matter of minutes. You certainly can find some time each day to do at least a dozen squats. If doing one is uncomfortable in your work clothes, try doing squats before showering each day (they will make you sweaty).

Arm Circles

Some people do arm circles to relax stiff shoulders after a long typing session. Turns out, arm circles are a surprisingly simple enough exercise to strengthen your shoulders and biceps. You will have to do them in varying levels of intensity to feel the calories burning. Whenever you find yourself Googling to find a massage therapist for your shoulders, get up from your seat and do several arm circles instead.

Do be aware that you will eventually have to learn to make time for a proper exercise regimen. In the mean time, you can accelerate weight loss or stay fit by eating only healthy food. Get rid of all processed and refined carbohydrate-rich foods in your diet, and eat plenty of fruits and veggies to keep diseases at bay.

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