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How recruiting the right staff impacts an organisation?

by Jenessa (writer), , May 23, 2016

Not everybody understands the significance of effective recruitment and its long-term benefits for an organization.

Employee engagement, retention, job performance and low turnover are some of the primary benefits that directly impacts on the company’s productivity. The high cost of staffing, training, firing and replacing employees emphasizes the need on taking a viable decision right from the start.

In order to ensure a probable employee is the right fit and motivated towards the job, a company should check previous work history and conduct research of academic credentials. The job don’t end on selection but appropriate evaluation tools and keeping them updated for future recruitment is important as well. How all of this affects organizational operations and staff productivity? Find out below.

Worker’s commitment

A worker’s commitment or engagement refers to the level of motivation and enthusiasm exhibiting performance of extensive job duties. Picking up a pool of qualified and literate applicants is a path to imminent and optimistic change within a company but human resource personnel must’ve a knack to eye the right talent whose job history demonstrate commitment. Thorough interviews which are conducted in person (not online) are ideal to determine the motivation level, interest of the candidate and grasp over the selected area.


It’s a common but baseless assumption that employees who seek advance career opportunities while on the job are putting their job in jeopardy. But the real fact differs absolutely as taking interviews in various organizations improves employee communication skills as well as an excellent learning experience.

Extensive and in-depth queries put before a candidate sheds light over job performance and capabilities. Though recruitment isn’t science, tactical interviewers tend to ask questions that highlights an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. This is excellent for employee placement and how he can be groomed for betterment.


Employers prefer candidate who wish serving their organization for a particular time period with full devotion and loyalty. Research data from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics says that workers in the Baby Boomers generation have an average 15 jobs during a 26 year serving period of their entire lives. Workers retention is thus important to keep the recruitment procedure smooth and extract applicants unwilling to serve a company with much zeal.

The low turnover

Much like retention, low turnover is crucial for overall organizations health and growth but it usually happens within 90 days after initial employment tenure. The 90 days are set as probationary period in most companies which is a means to assess an employee after recruitment. If performance is above anticipated, promotion is imminent but dismissal can also happen lest poor work or other pessimistic issues!

To maintain low turnover in organizations nowadays is perhaps the biggest challenge for human resource management and that’s when deploying the right tools is most important. Let’s have a look at a few common but crucial assessment criteria for a good start!

Oral assessment

Although not entirely new, oral assessment conducted over telephone or A/V media program such as Skype is for preliminary evaluation. It helps to determine a particular applicant before calling them for a person-to-person meeting thus saves time, cost and effort.


Emailing test to potential candidate is another way to evaluate technical and academic expertise. The test may either cover various fields so as to determine where applicant would fit or department-specific questionnaire which is assessed by technical staff and higher officials within an organization.


Observational and visual assessment methods are also significant geared towards the best employee recruitment & HR consultancy in UAE. Companies that wish to achieve a strong market position should carefully understand the above and make a difference!

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