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7 Tips For Designing A Logo For Your Restaurant

by Alice Jakson (writer), , May 20, 2016

7 Tips For Designing A Logo For Your Restaurant

Your restaurant logo design must be a simple design with wise use of fonts and colors so that the logo is a unique memorable symbol of business.

Your restaurant has to face a lot of competition from similar businesses in your market. However, with the help of your restaurant logo design, which should be an amazing business symbol, you can easily catch attention of your target customers. If your logo design is memorable, people will associate with your professional services and great food at your restaurant.

Therefore, here are key tips to creating amazing restaurant logos that stand out and convey your message effectively.

    1.Research – Your knowledge about your client’s restaurant business and its target customers, market etc is vital to creating restaurant logos that stand out in its design and purpose. If your client delivered little information in design brief, then research the business on your own and ensure that you have an insight of the customer’s social, economic and age profile.

    2.Unique Concept – What is your design concept for restaurant logos? Answer to this question matters when you intend to design memorable logos. You can draw quick sketches on a piece of paper to find out what new concepts of logos are there in your mind. This way, you get half a dozen of design ideas.

    3.Consult Your Client – Make sure that you consult your client over your restaurant logo design idea and get approval. This way, you can proceed to creating logo with confidence. It is far better than taking a fully designed logo and getting disapproval later from client.

    4.Use Relevant Colors – Not all colors are relevant to your restaurant logos. However, some colors such as red are frequently used to convey message of youthful energy, love, passion and enthusiasm. Colors like yellow can evoke feelings of calmness and sophistication of the high-quality foods serve in a restaurant.

    5.Use Perfect Fonts – Many high quality typefaces are accessible free on the web. Compare those fonts and select the ones that can express your restaurant’s brand personality. Therefore, you must know brand message and personality beforehand.

    6.Use Design Grids - Make sure that restaurant logo is symmetrical in design. A symmetrical design is the one that has balanced use of design elements. Such a logo will not lose its sense of proportion when blown up to huge sizes on billboards or reduced to tiny sizes on business cards etc.

    7.Get Feedback – After finishing your restaurant logo design, do not send it to client right away. Instead, get second opinion from your friends and followers on social media or from web design & development company. If you find suggestion of good value, apply them to improve the design.

These tips are vital to creating your restaurant logos with a message and purpose.

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