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Hair Extensions for Short Hair

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Beautiful, glamorous hair doesn't need to be hard

Trying short hair can be a big decision but you don't need to do it alone. Hair extensions are the perfect way to add volume, style and confidence to short hair.

For any woman with short hair, extensions are the perfect way to add volume, style and confidence. Going short for whatever reason is usually a big decision and can feel like you’re entering unfamiliar territory - but you need not do it without backup. Making use of hair extensions for short hair allows you to keep the many style options you had with long hair, so that going short won’t feel like a long lasting decision.

So what can hair extensions do for women with short hair? We’re going to briefly cover three main points.

1. You’re not happy with your short hair and need a confidence boost

For some reason you have short hair that you were never happy with or you’re just not satisfied with it anymore. Hair dissatisfaction has a big effect on your confidence no matter who you are, and low confidence can have an effect in pretty much every area of your life - We don’t want that!

In this situation hair extensions can easily give you the length back. You don’t need to drastically increase your length with hair extensions: they should be used to assist your look rather than completely change it. And the benefit to this is that using hair extensions for short hair to give a small amount of length can give the impression of natural growth. This will give you hair that makes you feel beautiful and helps boost your confidence.

Tip: Having at least four to six inches of your own hair to begin with will ensure your clip in extensions look natural.

2. Add volume and body to your short hair with hair extensions

Thin hair, flat hair or just a bad hair day are hard to deal with for anybody, but even more so when compounded with short hair. Perhaps teasing your hair just doesn’t seem to be working for you today, or you don’t have the time or patience for it. Clip in hair extensions are a great solution. They're easy to apply, and instantly add volume so you're ready to get on with your day.

In this situation hair extensions for short hair are not typically used to add length, only to add that glamorous volume you’re looking for.

Tip: Clip in hair extensions are clipped under the hair, helping disguise the hair extensions for a seamless, natural finish. This is in contrast to glue in extensions, which are harder to hide.

3. Use hair extensions to add style and funk to your short hair

Add streaks of colour without the permanency of colouring your natural hair. Create style and cuts on the clip in extensions without needing to do it to your own hair. Add a fringe or use the hair extension to try a style that would take ages to grow naturally.

Clip in hair extensions are recommended because they are quick to apply (a Hair Extensions Sydney business has a great how to guide), natural looking, seamlessly extend your own hair and cause no damage. Clip in Hair extensions are the best extension to help you create that perfect style for your hair!

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