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Interview: Iran regime’s Rouhani's moderation put in doubt

by siavoshhosseini (writer), , May 25, 2016

Credit: Screen capture from Interview
CAPTION: Dowlat Nowrouzi of NCRI interviewed by MediaBox Strasbourg PACE

During this week's PACE planetary sessions in Strasbourg an Iranian resistance representative talks on the limitations of the current Iran government ability to implement reformist policies.

‘Better’ and ‘much further sanctions’ are how National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) representative Dowlat Nowrouzi imagines to be the main communication tools for dealing with the Iranian mullahs’ fundamentalist regime. As tool for measuring economic and human rights compliance and talking about the this year’s nuclear deal Ms. Nowrouzi told the Parliamentary Assembly’s MediaBox interviewer in Strasbourg:

CAPTION: Dowlat Nowrouzi of NCRI interviewed by MediaBox Strasbourg PACE – VIEW CONVERSATION

‘I am afraid the money [will] be used to finance terror groups in the Middle East region to continue devastation and the crimes they commit against humanity.’ And ‘they try to actually cover it up in the name of civil war or the banner of excuse of fighting [against] so called terrorists.’ But the sad realization is that ‘[we] know they are committing crimes against their own people.’

Ms. Nowrouzi, invited by attending MPs at the Council of Europe, also told the MediaBox interviewer about how she thinks the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) should respond to the Iran regime’s meddling in Syria. ‘[To] strongly call officials of PACE, also US government and UN to intervene. There needs to be much further sanctions imposed against that regime.’

‘The money of the Iranian people, out of the oil revenue, is not being spent for construction of our economy or for the Iranian people’s welfare.’ Ms. Nowrouzi pointed out ‘it is [instead] unfortunately used by the regime to finance domestic repression and terror in the region.’

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