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5 Reasons Why I Won’t Add My Son on Facebook

by Wade Kelsey (writer), , May 17, 2016

I don't believe that Facebook should be allowed for kids and teens. Here is why.

It is even terrifying to think, how social networks changed our lives. We use them every day for literally everything: communicating, getting dates, we even post photos of our foods and statuses about routine things, like going to work, taking a shower, etc.

The amount of information that can be found about each and every of us online is just tremendous. We post so much about ourselves, that people can learn everything about each other without even getting to know each other. And there is little good in that.

I remember being a teen on Facebook. It is still embarrassing for me to remember all the stuff I posted. There was just too much dirt on my page. Eventually, I just started a new one.

Luckily my parents were not aware of that because if they did, they’d be heartbroken and I’d be kicked out of home.

Unfortunately, I use social networks a lot and I know that my son will soon be as well. And based on my experience he will post a lot of things on the web I don’t want to know about.

1. Photos and videos from parties

Yes, I know that this is a really obvious point, but nonetheless, it is a valid one. No one would like to see their kid drunk or doing some inappropriate stuff. But let’s face It, it this something, that all of us went through.

Teenagers want to behave “adult”, hormones are playing, and girls start to look womanly… They learn how to socialize, create relationships, and pay their dues in general.

As I said, all of us went through it, but still I have no desire to witness all of that on Facebook.

2. Thoughts he posts

Remember all the fuss around Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith? I remember how the father-actor apologized on some show for his boy’s tweets. He also said that at Jaden’s age he was pretty dumb as well, but nobody knew that as he couldn’t post his thoughts and ideas anywhere.

And I am not trying to say, that my son or anybody else’s son is stupid. It is just that teens have not enough life experience to be wise, still they believe that they already are smart enough to make some serious statements about things.

Idon’twon’t to feel embarrassed, so keep those posts away from me.

3. His friends and girlfriends

Maybe I am not a typical parent, but I don’t want to know too much about people he hangs out with. It would be shocking enough to see what my son posts online, but seeing what his friends and partners do would lead me to a heart-attack.

4. Knowing how much time he actually spends online

Right now I can control his activities on the web with special software. I block inappropriate sites and check what he types in with the keylogger app for Android. But when he gets older I’ll probably stop doing so. I just don’t think that a teenage boy has to be monitored online because they are smart enough to circumvent those restrictions.

I understand that it will lead him to spending just too much time surfing web and browsing Facebook. And let’s face it, it’s a common practice for modern kids.

Nevertheless, I’d rather think, that my son spends more time studying than in front of the screen.

5. His trueinterests

A lot of moms and dads would be surprised to know, the list of their kids’ hobbies goes far beyond the ones they know about. Teenage boys often watch porn and obscene videos. They often do some stupid stuff (inspired by Jackass movies), and so on.

Would you be glad to see links to inappropriate content or videos where your son sets himself on fire?

I wouldn’t.

Don’t add your kid on Facebook

I believe my point is clear. Our children need some personal space where they can do different crazy and even dumb things. It does not mean that they are bad or something like that. They just need to pay their own dues and it’s better for us to stay away from it.

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