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Different Domestic and Commercial Applications of Plumbing

Plumbing services

Plumbing is a type of system that transports water or other liquids for different usages.

Plumbing is a type of system that transports water or other liquids for different usages.Plumbing,though not limited to it involves activities like waste removal, cooling and heating as well as potable water delivery. This trade in general makes use of pipes, plumbing fixtures, valves, tanks or other tools and devices. Plumbing is not at all about organizing taps and pipelines, but they are to provide a systematic network of drains and sewage for every household, and also for large-scale commercial projects. Hence, we can safely surmise that plumbers are a critical part of any building construction. For huge projects a plumbing consultant might be used who draws up the design and instructs the individual plumbers. They basically decide where which pipe is to be laid, why, how and then to actually install the system.


Now, if we go into more detail Plumbing work has 8 different categories. We will discuss each area in brief here in this article-

  1. Water Supply: Most of us are aware or have surely come across a leaky tap or a broken facet or clogged drains. These are all problems related to water. So these kinds of problems are associated with plumbing and involve construction, replacement, installation, alteration, repair, maintenance, commissioning or testing of any kind of water supply services.
  2. Gas fitting:This is quite similar to the above and involves work that is done on pipes, flues, appliances, fitting, control, apparatuses or any other items which are related to the supply or usage of gas. This is a very specialized field and involves safety issues too. Hence whenever you employ a plumber, make sure that he or she is properly licensed to handle the above work. There are certain restrictions that are to be followed by plumbers, according to the building guidelines and the gas infusion techniques followed in different countries.
  3. Sanitary:Any work that involves sanitary plumbing above the ground comes under this section. It basically connects all kinds of sanitary fixtures like toilets, taps, basins; they also install showers, sinks and other appliances like say dishwashers or washing machines to a sanitary drainage system which is below the ground or to some kind of disposal system.
  4. Roofing:This is a field which includes roof flashing or roof covering, also any roof drainage system which is a part of disposal or collection of storm water. They also work with the storm water pipes which connect to a tank or drain.
  5. Drainage:This involves any design work, maintenance or repair of the sanitary drainage system which is below ground and the above ground systems like the sewage or waste pipes which connect to the disposal system. It is the work of the plumbers to keep your home free from blocked drain, by employing latest drain-cleaning gadgets and techniques.
  6. Mechanical Services:This includes all work like mechanical heating, ventilation systems, cooling or heating systems of a building. It might include work on flues, boilers, pipes, air conditioners and any venting work that is related to the same.
  7. Fire Protection:This involves the water systems that are used for fire fighting. Any fire fighting devices or equipment that requires a flow or supply of water is included for example, fire hydrants, fire sprinkler systems, hose reels etc.
  8. Irrigation:There might be situations when we come across something leaky or clogged and quite comically, most of us also try and handle the job ourselves. Some pipes might just be lucky enough to sustain your repair job but it would be best to let the job be handled by the professional plumber.

They are after all qualified to do such jobs and it is best to get good qualitative and professional plumbers and not make matters worse by trying a DIY job.

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