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Iran regime sets expediency military zones in Syria.

by siavoshhosseini (writer), , May 11, 2016

Credit: Siavosh Hosseini
A boy pictured in Aleppo, North Western region of Syria, requesting the UN take action on the Iran regime's increased meddling in the region.

This week (Monday 9 May 2016) an intelligence report exposes the Iranian regime's complicity to keep Bashar al-Assad in power revealing the numbers of soldiers already killed.

Breaking intelligence gathered as satellite imagery and organizational data exposes the extent to which the Iranian regime props-up the failing Syrian army.

Sources including the Free Syrian Army (FSA) confirm the reliability of the intelligence gathered by the Iranian main opposition group the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK).

‘Based on specific reports from within the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) the remaining forces of the Syrian regular army number less than 50,000 across the country.’

On order’s of the Iranian Supreme Leader Khomenei the number of Iranian regime forces in Syria is reported as more than 70,000. In a strategy towards maintaining the al-Assad’s presidency in Syria the intelligence reveals the scope of Iranian regime forces (defined as non-Syrian).

Composed of a max. of 10,000 IRGC forces; up to 6,000 Iranian Regular Army; and of non-Iranian mercenaries, around 20,000 Iraqi militias (from ten groups); reaching 20,000 Afghan militias (Fatemiyoun); up to 10,000 Lebanese Hezbollah; and between 5,000–7,000 militia from Pakistan (Zeinabiyoun), Palestine and elsewhere.

Satellite images show control centers of ‘the southern front’. Including ‘a former university 45km from Damascus,’ and the ‘Izra base where [Surface-to-air] missile units are stationed.’

Taking its border with Turkey is ‘the northern front’ including the cities of Aleppo and Idlib, and where the main regional operational base is located at the ‘Assad’ Academy.

In Aleppo more than 300 civilians have been killed since a breakdown of the region’s ceasefire from Thursday 28th April 2016. Including women, children and hospital workers, which ignited the global solidarity hashtag #AleppoIsBurning as a way to break the silence over this ongoing Iranian-backed massacre.

Along the coastal region bordering Turkey is ‘the costal front’ where ‘some 2,000 IRGC forces are in Camp Shabibeh 18km of Latakia’ a touch point giving ‘easy dispatch for the IRCG to conflict areas north of Latakia.’

The Syrian coastal region runs from Aleppo stretching 300km to the southern city of Damascus along which Lebanon runs the coastline.

‘The eastern front’ includes the Shairat airbase which facilitates military flights and also the T4 (Tiyas) military airbase acting as a strategic ‘concentration point.’ The original military academy there was evicted ‘the base handed over to the IRGC.’

Placing the whereabouts of the Iranian regime’s offensive, satellite evidence shows under the command of the IRCG it ‘[is] dividing Syria into regions.’

Amounting to segmenting the country into strategic compass points for expediency ‘against possible attacks by the Syrian regime’s opponents.’

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