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The Beauty of Health Insurance

by Akanksha Agrawal (writer), Noida, India, May 10, 2016

To achieve happiness it is very important to have a healthy family. Health insurance gives you a helping hand to treat ailments by acting as an alternate source of finance to pay your medical bills.

The most important things of anyone’s life are health, wealth and relations. If happiness has to be measured these three things play vital denominators. Health insurance takes care of all three of them. It provides the essential ‘wealth’ or money to pay off hospital and other medical bills to restore ‘health’. A health-wealthy family often enjoys better ‘relations’ among themselves. Thus, to complete the circle of happiness one must ensure health protection for the family.

Health insurance plans can be availed with very affordable premiums these days. With so many general insurance and standalone health insurance companies the health insurance sector has become very competitive. A competitive market generally favors the buyers. People who compare health insurance plans of various companies before just buying on instinct always make a better purchase.

It is imprudent to not have a health cover for your family as we all know contingencies might happen anytime. Let a health plan back you up to face the general hiccups of life with confidence and ease. The peace one has when one knows that someone is there to stand in one’s most desperate times cannot be measured monetarily. When one buys family floater health insurance one establishes the fact of how responsible one is towards the family. Such display of care strengthens family relations immensely.

A general health insurance plan not only ameliorates by paying just the hospital bills but most plans cover one month pre-hospitalization and three months post hospitalization medical expenses as well. Some companies also cover pre-existing diseases by charging a little extra premium. Thus, to avoid deep pot holes in your pocket be well prepared by being adequately insured.

Have a holistic approach towards life. Planning is very essential in life. A good plan takes into account the inherent obstacles and hindrances one might face in the journey of life and being ready with the curative courses complete the plan.

Also, if you think from financial planning perspective you would be glad to know that investing in a health insurance plan makes you eligible for various tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. So, health and wealth are again merging in a single plan.

With having health insurance with you, you need not settle for that cheap hospital if there need be. One shouldn’t compromise with health and its treatment.

Having health insurance and medical treatment is one thing but the other important thing is to take good care of you and try to avoid getting ill or injured. Take best of nutrition in your capacity, keep your surroundings clean and most importantly be happy. As per research stress or unhappiness is the biggest killer and reason for most diseases. Maintain a good work life balance and always remember the holy trinity of happiness i.e. health, wealth and good relations.

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