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5 Best Strategies for Content Marketing for Pitching

5 Best Strategies for Content Marketing for Pitching & Lead Generation

5 best strategies for content marketing for pitching & lead generation can prove leveraging. Pre-planning content strategy, focusing on social media connectivity,

Becoming a ‘bigwig’ in content marketing is a herculean task today. And the battle is going the toughest ahead. Ok! You yourself answer what if the entire global market will shift to online? Statistics on supplied mind-boggling figures of the digital buyers worldwide. It surpasses billions. In 2014, global digital buyers were 1.32 billion which jumped to 1.46 billion in 2015. This count is going to appreciate in 2016 up to 1.61 billion as per anticipation.

The foregone surprising figures are no kidding but the fact. So, what should be your plan of action to reign over the market? Of course, you need to arm to the teeth. And the best content marketing plan can be your atom bomb.

To make your content an apple of every net savvy’s eye, we have 5 best strategies for content marketing on social media. Catch the roundup of these:

Pre-Plan content strategy: Marketing needs full-proof plan. Doing it vaguely can drift you to bankruptcy later. So, document a plan for writing content.

  • Search the top ranking keyword(s) related to your product(s) or service(s). You can use Google Keywords Planner or similar kind of keywords finders that are absolutely free.
  • Choose easy and catchy title. You can use ‘What’, ‘How’, ‘Tips’ or ‘Strategies ’words in it.
  • Netizens spend relatively more time for catching the sight of content in bullet-style.
  • Add on real-time statistics.
  • Prepare an optimal mix of real-time experience with proof (if any).
  • Supply appropriate examples that are authentic and well-known.
  • Engaging narration can strike at the heart of the online traffic. So, use this trick.
  • Focus on the usage of simple language that consumes ‘nil’ efforts to comprehend.
  • Don’t overload it with keywords stuffing.
  • Restrict the usage of keywords up to 3%.
  • Deploy a proofreader to make it error-free.

Focus on social media connectivity: Connections bridge gaps. The count of internet users in 2015 was 3.17 billion. Around 40% of the world’s total population is browsing net today. Around 1.87 billion people in 2014 flocked on social media channels. And the estimation goes with its hike up to 2.55 billion in 2018.

Global connectivity through internet is not confined to desktop users. The inception of handset, especially smartphones, had empowered nearly 60% of global population with internet connectivity in 2014. And the projected figure of mobile phone users may surpass magical 5 billion till 2019. So, it will be no less than a million dollar deal to open your account of social media channels. Here below is the list of 10 social media channels that can win you a jackpot in terms of social connectivity:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • G+
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • VK
  • Flickr

Let Ads speak out loud: TV commercials have been popular for fetching instant stardom. Commercial world tends to bank on it. It can deliver you the licence to print money but at hefty cost. To have dirt cheap media for adverts, social media and search engines are excellent platforms.

Digital media has paid and unpaid alternatives for ads. As they are gaining ground, you can investment a little amount in paid ads on Google Adwords. Thereafter, you can attract eyeballs of net savvies through ad campaigns. Check out SERPs. Put down your query in the search bar on Google. This icon Ad below the hyperlinked search engine Ad ensures pitching and later, conversion.

Google has unparalleled ad options that can let your brand surface all around.

  • Remarketing: It lets you track your website visitors. You can chase them on the internet while browsing until they click and get converted.
  • Email Ads: It lets you provide an email from the SERPs.
  • Chat Ads: It lets you interact with the users directly and get leads.
  • Click to Call Ads: It pops the business call number to call and win the lead.
  • Bottom-of-Page Ads: It lets the users access the 3 flashed ads at the bottom of SERPs.
  • Mega Sitelinks: It unfolds 10 additional hyperlinks for users to choose and click on the relevant link.
  • Social Ad Extensions: It reveals the credibility of your website through number of social media visitors below the hyperlink of your website.
  • MAP/Location Ad Extensions: It displays your official phone number and location to track.

Blogging: Blogging can bag you the fruits of leads. Guest blogging on the website with high PR and domain authority can allot you traffic in thousands. But before that, you must keep these facts into account:

  • Post less yet better quality blogs.
  • Focus on lengthy yet interesting as well as informative blogs.
  • Frame it with short sentences.
  • Don’t imitate the content from other site to escape Google penguin penalty.
  • Try to blend thoughts in creative manner.
  • Pick up the relevant site for guest posting. For example, if you want to publish blog on content marketing tips, shortlist the websites dedicated to web-based technology (like, Moz, Search Engine Land etc.)

Let the pictures speak: A picture portrays thousand words. Conveying what you want to pass on will be a walkover with impressive and relevant pictures. Data visualization blows a fresh life in to the content. Besides, you can eliminate ‘boredom’ factor. Sometimes, reading a lot can exhaust readers. You can let them escape from this exhaustion using pictures.

  • Add an infographic
  • Use, etc. that provide ready-made templates for framing your concept into info-graphic.
  • Attach a video relating to the blog post
  • Post PPT on youtube or vimeo etc.
  • Use tables, charts, pie-chart etc. for representing statistical data.

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