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Introducing the talented English actress Annette Kellow

by SuzieM (writer), , May 09, 2016

Annette is a classic English rose who has been making waves with her acting around the world. She tells us about her latest roles and inspirations...

Annette Kellow is an English actress and dancer with a striking vintage look and an abundance of experience in film, television, theatre and commercials. She has appeared on ITV’s Dancing on Ice tutoring the stars on the technique of vintage dance and her acting has taken a global rise over the last few years. The definition of an artist in every sense, she tells us more about her exciting career up to date…

Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us where you started first performing?

I am an English actress originally from the south west of England and started first dancing, then modelling for commercials, then integrating into acting for stage and screen,.

When was the moment for you when you knew you wanted to perform?

I was lucky to be exposed to dance and drama at a young age so it was an instant thing. I remember going to watch a musical and at the end I was pulled onto the stage whilst the character asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said ‘an actor’ to which he winked at the audience saying you need something extra special for to be that and pointed to his trousers. The Whole place erupted with laughter. It took me years to realise he meant because I was a female!

You trained at the prestigeous Central school, what was that experience like?

I loved Central right down to the old building and Theatre it’s housed in. One thing I think drama school teaches you, as well as skill, is discipline. If you can’t be your own boss and be disciplined your sort of screwed as no one else will do it for you. I loved all the lessons though, especially the Acting for Screen units.

What is your most memorable role to date?

I have had a few fun and exciting ones. Playing Anna Held in new series Harley and the Davidsons as well as being part of The Look of Love which was in cinemas worldwide and came out on DVD recently were great to be involved in. I love period roles and good job too as I seem to get a lot of vintage parts!

When entering the industry was there one thing that surprised you?

I think that each year you learn more about yourself, your acting and what you are doing. I find it exciting to hone and developed my skills even further. Also it is a very small industry. I often see the same casting directors, studios and production so it's always good to be professional, humble and pleasant to people around you.

You taught the stars on Dancing on Ice how to do vintage style dance. What was this like?

It was exhilarating to be considered for such a big show! It has millions of viewers every week. My personal celebrity that I had to coach was Coleen Nolan of the Nolan Sisters. I love the art of vintage dance so for me it was important to keep with this style but also make it accessible as she was skating on ice throughout. I was very proud of the show as a whole as ITV are a prime time and extremely popular channel.

You have appeared as a commercial model also. How does this differ from other acting?

Commercial modelling is a lot of fun. I have modelled for brands such as Betty Crocker, Visa, Schweppes, Voslauer water and Head to name a few. I enjoy this side greatly as the products and companies are all so unique. As I also have a dog she has acted in some commercials with me, she’s a pretty good model and can stand still for a long time!

You have managed to use dance, acting and modelling to your ability, what is your advice to other aspiring performers?

Get creative. And the only way you can get creative is if your 100% happy and secure inside. You need to think outside of the box a lot with juggling performances and different work so use this to your advantage. I also think if you can acquire another skill you may get booked for an acting role because of it. The other part is love what you do and try to keep inspired then it doesn't feel strenuous or difficult and there is always a new project on the go. One of my favourite sayings is, ‘Do what you love and you will never work a day in your whole life!’

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