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Default IP Address of Linksys Router

Many brands of routers are available on the market at this time. Linksys is known for its advanced yet user-friendly routers.

This brand of routers has satisfied users worldwide in our time. All these routers have the common IP address This IP address plays the main role in terms of the network router administration.

Keep in mind that this IP address is used by some other brands of routers and various home network gateway equipments in our time. You can make use of this IP address to set up a new router as well as update different settings of an existing router. The following details explain you about how to access and reset the Linksys router.

How to access your Linksys router

You have to access the web interface of your router for changing its settings. Once you have accessed this interface, you can do a wide range of tasks like

    ·Firmware updates

    ·Firewall and network security settings related changes

    ·Static and dynamic IP address change

Once you have opened the Start menu in your Windows computer, type in “cmd” into the search field. Now, the command prompt screen appears. The next step is to type “ipconfig” in the command prompt screen. You can listen to the default gateway of your Linksys router listed underneath the subnet mask. You have to take note of the default gateway address.

You may use the Mac OS X and try to be aware of the default IP address of your Linksys router. You have to click the Apply icon available on the main menu and choose System Preferences. The next step is to choose the Internet & Wireless option available in the network menu. Once you have done it, click the “Advanced” button and open the TCP/IP tab. Now, you can view the overall settings of the network configuration. You have to note the default gateway address and then exit this dialogue box directly.

Use the web interface

It is the right time to use the web interface and access a Linksys router. Open your Internet browser and type in the default gateway address. If you press the Enter button, then you can access the web interface of your Linksys router within a few seconds. You have to use the default username and password when prompted. Bear in mind that the default username as well as password of Linksys router vary as per the make and model of the router and the Internet Service Provider.

The most common username and password for this brand’s routers are “admin” and “admin” respectively. You can reset the password as per your convenience. You have to click on the Administration tab appears in this web interface and choose Factory Defaults. The next step is to click “Yes” option available beside the Restore Factory Defaults. If you have done it, you have to click on Save Settings. The next step is to turn on the router for 10 to 12 seconds. Now, you can turn on your router to reset it successfully.

Reap benefits from the default IP address

Many users of the latest network equipment do not have an interest to know the IP address of every resource in their network. They have to know almost every resource’s IP address and make their network efficient. Many routers have the common IP address in our time. This is the main reason for why users of any router have to be aware of the actual IP address of their router.

Users of these routers have to use this IP address and administrate various features of their routers. They have to understand and remember that so many brands like Cisco brand routers have this IP address by default. They have to identify their router’s IP address by using the abovementioned approach and make necessary changes in the router’s administration settings.

Troubleshoot Linksys router efficiently

Home wireless users think about how to troubleshoot their router as efficiently as possible. There are many problems associated with the home wireless router. You have to identify the root of the problem and fix it without delay. This is advisable to turn off your computer and then unplug both the modem and router. After ten to 15 minutes, you can plug in the modem as well as router. If you have done it, turn on the computer. This approach helps you to fix usual problems associated with your router.

You may have to change some elements in the wireless router’s administrator settings. If you have accessed the Linksys router’s administration panel, then you can make changes as per problems in your router. You can upgrade the firmware after you have downloaded it from the official website. This is advisable to make contact with the customer support team of Linksys and get an overview concerning how to troubleshoot your router.

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