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Drink Yourself Calm And Healthy

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, November 04, 2007

What drink are you cradling? Are you one with the herbal tea? The tantalizing aroma of the different herbal tea infusions totally drives me coolheaded. I tend to go off to a land where all things are bright and beautiful, sweet and calm whenever I drink herbal tea. Don’t get me wrong, I take ordinary black tea and coffee, but on any day give me a cup of Chamomile, Echinacea, Fennel or any one of those concocted sweet smelling things that are sold in packs and you have my day!

The Pros of herbal teas outweigh the cons with less caffeine, some like Fennel (deal with stomach upsets) and Echinacea (helps to combat colds) having healing and or medicinal purposes and calming effects. Not so long ago, two years to be exact, when a friend invited me to go out for ‘a coffee,’ my mind was screaming ‘Hell no...,’ but I always like the urban hype related to going out to get a latte or..Cino that. So after visualizing all those west end and city end types that I could bump into (being a suburban babe), I chose an appropriate outfit befitting the all city power type lady and set off to Notting Hill gate. When I got to Notting Hill, I was all smiles already sashaying my way to the coffee shop when my dear friend redirected my steps and told me that we were heading for some Herbal tea place. I was impressed by the inviting scents of all the infusions in the place and could now fully understand all the hype about coffee and tea fans that thwart off the advances of instants and head off for the nearest tea or coffee place. Drinks were served in seemingly magnificent china and I could imagine myself as Mrs Bucket, in the TV drama; ‘keeping up Appearances’ bragging to all my friends that I just went out and drank herbal tea at this suave place. Eventually when my drink which was chamomile arrived, I was disappointed, there was one tea bag in the teapot and I who isn’t akin to waste started imagining my own herbal tea seated in its box begging me and staring at me disapprovingly not to take the unlovely diluted herbal tea.

After a hard day’s work or dealing with a crisis, the sheer bliss that one gets from drinking a cup of herbal tea can be indescribable. Although the old school, ‘Put the kettle on,’ for a lovely brewed cup of black tea is more appealing to so many people, some people have taken on the herbal tea craze. Green tea in particular has gathered its share of fans as it is praised for its ability to increase metabolism and aid in slimming.

However, it needs to be cited that some people have actually gone out and tried to pick herbal tea leaves fresh and in a bid to brew freshly made infusions. I knew of someone who was so into Ginkgo Biloba, which is known for its medicinal purposes. Fairly priced in the shops, this person went on to climb trees and get it fresh from a park that was endowed with the trees. The police was only one step behind them due to conservation and other laws that prohibit this, but I have since advised the person that there are places that sell it bagged at fair prices. The point here is sometimes people may pick the wrong leaves so it is advisable to make conducive research before going out and trying to get a natural infusion as one may end up contending with more than they had anticipated like poisoning.

My Herbal tea outside home experience hasn’t yet put me off. Perhaps years from now there will be all these cool herbal tea drinks being sold at the corner shop and in the bars and all those trendy places and drinking them will be as cool as ordering for an iced tea.

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