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Things to do with the kids this summer

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The article is about how to entertain children in their school holidays and the photo show two childern having fun outside

It’s the age-old question. What are you going to do with the children during their long summer break? Here are some top tips to keep your little angels entertained, happy and healthy.

It’s the age-old question. What are you going to do with the children during their long summer break? It’s far too easy to let them sit in front of a screen, whether their TV, PC, tablet or phone. Screen time is increasing even amongst very young children. Parents have to battle to keep a healthy balance between a lifestyle that is normal for them and their generation to traditional forms of entertainment. As with most things in life, planning in advance is essential to ensure a smooth few weeks without any headaches. The main goal should be to get them away from the technology into the great outdoors for some fresh air and exercise. Think out of the box for some exciting and unusual days out to capture their imagination and keep their interest. Here are some top tips for keeping your little angels entertained, happy and healthy:

Spy for a day

If adventure and mystery are your children’s first loves then let them run riot and be a Spy Kid for the day! There are a number of organisations that run spy themed adventures aimed at children of all ages. They can cater for smaller groups or larger parties setting puzzles and challenges within an exciting location. Adventures can last from a couple of hour to a full day and are guaranteed to excite and stimulate your spy loving brood. Entertaining during the holidays need no longer be a mission impossible!


Now I know this sounds dangerous, however the trained instructors, safety ropes and crash mats should put your mind at rest. In the old days we used to climb trees but now children can get their climbing fix from a climbing centre. Of course all this strenuous activity almost certainly guarantees a quite journey home and peaceful evening ahead! Most organisations offer a number of climbing wall types depending on the size, age and experience of your child but you will find there is something to suit everyone. Great for your children’s confidence and fitness levels but if fear is an issue most centres will offer hour long taster sessions to see if they enjoy it or not.

Shooting lessons

OK so this may sound like a recipe for disaster! Don’t worry, learning to shoot in a controlled environment with expert instructors is probably safer than your child cycling on their bike. There are many shooting clubs and grounds that run lessons and shooting events for children though the minimum age is usually 10 years old. With full training on safety and etiquette before the day begins, children of all levels can be catered for and the experienced instructors will ensure everyone has a great time. Shooting days are the perfect way for youngsters to see if they enjoy it enough to take lessons or perhaps join a club!

Home Made Adventure Day

With a bit of imagination, there are plenty of cost effective ways to have our own adventure. What about a bike ride to a nearby location followed by a picnic? You could work out in advance what food to take, create the menu, go shopping together then cook, bake and prepare the food. Choose where to go, plan your route then go off on your travels! You could plan plenty of games to play after your picnic, perhaps collect leaves or pebbles for future craft projects. You could take lots of photos of your adventure, from start to finish and then create story book based on your day out.

There are lots of things to do that will occupy young minds and of course if these activities take place in the great outdoors then even better. What about setting up a den in the garden or creating an outdoor theatre? Use resources online, books, and magazines and why not ask your children to contribute to their holiday activity plan? This will really get them excited for the long summer break ahead, regardless of whether you are having a family holiday together or not!

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