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Dog the Bounty Hunter Hounded by


Dog the Bounty Hunter is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the "N" word. You would think that these racists would have learned their lesson after watching people like comedian Michael Richards and radio talk show host Don Imus bite the dust for using the word that can end careers and spark an enormous worldwide backlash in a millisecond.

Use of this six-letter word is an invitation to self-destruction. Now. A&E has taken Dog the Bounty Hunter off the air. Talks to bring it back any time soon aren't underway. Duane "Dog" Chapman is in big trouble and all I can say is that racists eventually get what they deserve.

A lot of people had questioned some of Chapman's behavior in the past. He presented himself as a devout Christian, yet swore like a longshoreman on many episodes of his show. He was also criticized for being too physical with many of the bail jumpers he captured.

Overall, I used to like the guy. He took his job seriously, campaigned against drugs and volunteered a lot of his time talking at prisons and counseling inmates. He even won several awards for his outreach efforts and seemed to be a good family man.

Everything seemed to be going well for the bail bondsman/reality TV star until his son starting dating a black woman. Chapman made a phone call where he dropped several "N" bombs and forbade his son to see the woman. Obviously upset over the whole incident, his son Tucker recorded the phone conversation and leaked it to the press.

Now he's on the run himself, avoiding the media and devising a comeback strategy. More apologies are surely forthcoming, but will that be enough? One thing is for sure -- this is one dog that has been neutered and lost his once-vicious bark.

This appeared yesterday on the Reuters web site:

A reality TV show starring celebrity bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman was pulled from the air indefinitely on Friday, two days after a private phone conversation in which he used a racial slur was posted online.

Cable channel A&E suspended production of the fifth series of Chapman's popular show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," as the phone call was made public on Wednesday, but on Friday the network went a step further.

"In evaluating the circumstances of the last few days, A&E has decided to take 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' off the network's schedule for the foreseeable future," an A&E spokesman said.

"We hope that Mr. Chapman continues the healing process that he has begun."

He said no decision had been made to cancel the program, which is shown in more than 10 countries, and the network will review the situation again in a couple of weeks.

Honolulu-based Chapman, 54, who says he is a devout Christian, has apologized for using the epithet "n-----" to describe a black woman being dated by his son, Tucker, and vowed to do whatever he can to repair the damage.

Chapman's lawyer was quoted in various media reports on Friday as saying that the conversation posted on The National Enquirer tabloid's Web site had been leaked by Tucker Chapman -- one of the crime-fighter's 12 children.

Chapman, a burly ex-con with long blond hair and leather wardrobe, rose to fame after his 2003 tracking and capture of Max Factor heir and serial rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico.

Media attention over that case led to an offer for a reality TV show tracking Chapman and his "posse" as they chase down people who skip bail and fail to show up in court.

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By Steven Lane on November 04, 2007 at 11:09 am
It has become more and more clear that Mr Chapman was getting way bigger than himself. Another "Racist, God Fearing man."
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By DLFerguson on November 04, 2007 at 04:14 pm
Anybody who thinks that white people don't use the 'n' word in private conversations must also believe that black people don't use similar racial slurs about white people in their conversations. I'm less upset about Mr. Chapman's use of the 'n' word more than I am about reports that it was his own son who sold the tape to the media. Isn't it a violation of Mr. Chapman's rights that his conversation with his son was taped without his knowledge? And doesn't he expect that a conversation he has with his own son is between the both of them and so he would talk in a manner that he would not use in a public forum? Mr. Chapman had a reasonable expectation that a conversation he was having with his son would stay between him and his son. I have to wonder if his Mr. Chapman's son tapes all of his phone conversations. And if not, then why would he tape this particular one with his father?
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By Annonymous on November 05, 2007 at 09:30 am
It is interesting how lightly racism is approached when it is in a written and subrle format. Racism is racism. It is never funny, trendy, okay, or acceptable. The exception being among the stupid, igonorant, immature, good old boys...and young ones as well I sadly see. As far as what Blacks...rather African American say and do in private conversations "DL" hasn't the faintest idea unless of cpurse DL is Black and is using racial slurs in private conversations about Whites. Racism is racism whether it is practiced publicly or privately neiether makes it better or I should say right. Oh yeah, Freedom of speech doesn't make it right either.It should have no place in this creative forum.
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