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How exactly to use an expired domain to earn money?

by kk01011991 (writer), , April 25, 2016

It's a picture on the types of domains and the post is on expired domains

Thanks to the change in rules by Google, expired domains do not carry the actual authority they did when active. This is a guide to make money despite the change.

I see a trend among young bloggers that they try a shortcut to success by buying expired domains with a pre-built link profile and hope to build a successful blog out of an already successful domain. Well, if this was possible, why wouldn’t everyone else do the same? And why would expired domains with considerable domain authority remain unclaimed for weeks or even months?

Perhaps what leads to the false belief that an expired domain could be a good buy is its clearly visible statistic. Eg. I checked a domain in the expired domains pool which had a domain authority of 76, page authority of 82, millions of dofollow backlinks (checked it from the Moz) tool and that was enough to convince anyone of the authority of the site. But if you launch it, it won’t rank on Google and soon. Rather, it might be penalized already.

This has a reason. People hoarded a lot of expired domains to create authority sites back in the 2000’s. As obvious, Google found it out and made a policy that the link profile gets reset once the domain reaches the pool of expired domains. Then people came up with a new trick to try a 301 redirect to their own sites and Google banned that too. As of now the only way to steal the authority of an existing domain is to buy it before it actually expires. And that is for sure not easy.

So how do we use an expired domain to our advantage?

If the link profile is not carried on, then why should one buy an expired domain?

1.It retains the brand name: If an expired domain has a domain authority of 75, it would have surely been a very active brand in the market whenever active. So, you would indeed be buying an already established brand name if not the actual authority on the web.

2.It retains the web parameters even though it does not matter: An expired domain would retain the complete link profile as it is. It would retain the domain and page authority for a few weeks as well. That doesn’t actually affect the site’s ranking but is an important to show when selling backlinks ‘from’ the site. To be precise, people buy sponsored posts from sites and check their parameters which are retained by expired domains.

3.You could retrieve its content: If a site has been active for a while, its archives get saved on the ‘wayback machine’. So, it you have acquired an expired domain which was a running brand for years, you could retrieve most of its written content for free.

What process is to be followed after buying an expired domain to earn from it?

As mentioned earlier, an expired domain might have good show off parameters but isn’t of much use to make money out of traffic. However, it could be used to sell backlinks. Try the following steps to maximize your chances of attracting clients.

1.Polish the site and make it look like an authority site itself. Use an appropriate theme, logo, etc. Make it appear genuine.

2.Write a lot of content and make sure it’s quality content. Because the site should look like an authority site.

3.Manipulate the Alexa rank of the site. And it’s easy. Because, Alexa rank judges traffic and the source is secondary. So, even social media traffic does a good job affecting the Alexa rank.

Once the Alexa rank is reasonable enough, the web parameters are attractive and the site appears genuine, any advertiser would readily buy backlinks from the site.

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