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What Is a Default Gateway on Computer Networks?

by Jennifer Winget (writer), , April 22, 2016

A default route in computer networking is defined as the PC setting that can identify the rule for packet forwarding which needs to be used when an exact route is established for a particular Internet

Actually, it can be said it is possible to send every destination packet that is undetermined in the table for routing through the default route. The destination of this route is typically another router. Thus, the router deals with the packet in an identical way: that is to say, if the route corresponds with it, there is a forwarding of the packet, and conversely, it is passed on to the default route or the router. Moreover, the very same process recurs once the packet has attained the designated goal. Thereby, the various devices (tablet, computer or any other machine) which the default route is heading for are typically dubbed as the default gateway. This gateway also carried some other functions such as proxy server operations, firewalling, packet filtering, etc.

And a default route is what exactly?

Another name for a default route is a routing information base (RIB for short) which is a chart of data in storage inside a router or network device that provides a list of the routes on the network for particular destinations. What is more, the routing chart or table contains certain information about the network space properties directly surrounding it. Needless to say, the key aim of routing protocols is constructing routing charts or tables.

And how is a default gateway defined?

The definition of a default gateway is the point or node which is supposed to possess the knowledge how to forward packets towards other networks. It is typical for TCP/IP sorts of networks that points (some call them nodes) such as servers, work stations, and network devices have specific settings for default route settings (pointing to default gateways), helping to identify the location to send packets for the IP addresses with an undetermined specific route. It should be noted that gateways are also routers (and the definition of a router is that it is a networking tool that is used to forward data packets – these being formatted data items transmitted by networks called packet switches - connecting computer networks or data networks). In home environments as well as in smaller offices, such devices as for instance DSL or cable routers, as well as those routers linking local networks with the Internet, inevitably assume the function of default gateways for every single networked device. In addition, there can be a variety of internal network parts in an enterprising system. For instance, a given packet for a default gateway can be forwarded by the device that has the purpose of enacting communication by way of a specific Internet address. Furthermore, in that specific sort of situation, the gateway point or node also has the ability to function as a proxy server or even a firewall.

We have the Internet Protocol route, default gateways, as well as default route information origins. What is the distinction between all these? Furthermore, how exactly is a gateway route chosen?

Default gateways are usually employed on routers, on ‘hosts’ or on the other hand, on switches (but not L3 switches). This, additionally, is an indication for the router that it can be able to make an exit. In conclusion, the phrase “default route” actually means “default-information originate” as well as “IP route x.x.x.x.” To make it short and simple, all this implies that if there is no explicit route, it is transmitted to x.x.x.x. Consequently, the router is able to find a resolution for the problem. However, the term “default-information originate” has exactly the same meaning as “IP route,” although it is transmitted by means of a routing protocol.

Then again, there may be an additional cost if it should occur that a specific router manages to gain knowledge regarding a default route by way of a separate router using a routing process.

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