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Queen Elizabeth II – A tireless monarch

by famousbloggerq (writer), , April 21, 2016

How much do you know for queen Elizabeth's life?

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II has shown remarkable stamina during a very long and successful reign, during which she has seen many difficult times. Despite this, she has always remained a steady influence on her realm, making regular visits to all countries of the commonwealth, and maintained her popularity throughout her reign.

Diamond Jubilee

The year 2012 marked sixty years as ruler of the commonwealth, and celebrations were held throughout the Commonwealth, affirming the continued popularity of Queen Elizabeth II, who has surpassed her grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest serving British monarch of all time. During her Diamond Jubilee year, she and her husband completed a tour of the UK, while her children and grandchildren toured the Commonwealth countries on her behalf. The Queen’s birthday in 2016 falls on April 21st and is her 90th birthday, which is a remarkable age when you consider her many royal duties which she still performs.

Public perception and character

Although she rarely gives interviews, Queen Elizabeth II works tirelessly to carry out her royal duties, something she has always taken very seriously. People who have met her often remark on her wonderful sense of humour, and her private life has always been the subject of interest. Queen Elizabeth II has several hobbies, which include horses and her beloved corgi dogs. She is also known to be an avid photographer, and has always carried her camera whenever she travels.

Favourite retreats

The Queen has several places she likes to spend time at, one being Balmoral Castle in Scotland where she spends a two-month summer break with her family every year. Another popular venue is Sandringham House, which, like Balmoral Castle, is privately owned by Her Majesty and not part of the Crown Estate. Set in 20,000 acres of Norfolk countryside, Sandringham is a Grade II listed property and has been the home of four royal generations.

Film and TV

There have been several films made about Her Royal Highness, the most noted being “The Queen” starring Helen Mirren in 2006. The film won many awards and Mirren won an Oscar for her performance. In her acceptance speech, she paid tribute to the queen with the following words, "For 50 years and more, Elizabeth Windsor has maintained her dignity, her sense of duty and her hairstyle."

In 1992, a documentary film about Queen Elizabeth was made by the BBC to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her accession to the throne. The filming took place over 18 months, and was aired on British TV in February 1992, and has since been broadcast in more than twenty countries worldwide. The film was largely well received, and covered many of the Queen’s royal duties as well as following her during her relaxation times, something the public had never been privileged to before. The film was watched by over half the British population and portrayed the Queen as a hardworking royal with a sense of humour amid the stresses she encountered on a daily basis.

Find out more about the Queen on Keeping Up With The Queen, an interactive biography website.

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