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Budget-Friendly Different Options In Curtains For Your Home

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Curtains are custom made to exactly fit your windows and give a unique look to your home. Curtains are often hung on the inside of a building's door or windows to block the passage of light.

Curtains add elegance and glamour to any place whether it is your bedroom or your office. They make a room look more organized and updated. These days, the varieties & styles of curtains available in the market are just endless. You are surely going to be spoilt for choice. However, you need to select only the curtains that can serve your purpose and complement the overall look of the room.

Popular types of curtains

    1. Eyelet Curtains- People often look for mess-free curtains for their kids’ rooms. If you are looking for the same then go for eyelet curtains. These curtains work best with light and medium type of fabric. They have silver rings, which gets easily fit in the rod. The best part is that they are very easy to hang and you can do it yourself without the help of an expert. Further, they are highly easy to open, close and maintain. Eyelet curtains are perfect for a contemporary bathroom and lounge room.

    2. Box pleated curtains- If you like it in a well-organized style then box pleated curtains are the most ideal. These curtains have deep folds from top to bottom, which looks simply amazing. Since the box shapes are lined up together in this curtain, they give a very formal yet decent look. The box-pleated curtains are ideal for formal places like dining room, study or lounger, where you entertain your guests.

    3. Cased heading curtains- The cased headings are used for the curtains that are woven with light fabrics. In addition to this, these types of curtains are best for the places where the curtains are not being closed and opened frequently. The cased heading is left open from both the ends for the perfect look. Here, the curtain rod gap is very tight and they are hung only on a slender curtain rod. Homeowners usually hang cased heading curtains in a formal sitting room, which is less frequently used. However, some people hang it at the glass wall of their bedroom also.

    4. Sheer curtains- This is the classiest of all the curtains. When you want to bring brightness and outside light to your place, you can hang sheer curtains. However, these types of curtains are hung over blinds, as they block neither the view nor light, so if you’re interested in sheer curtains we recommend visiting Express Essex Blinds and getting a set of blinds to go with the curtains. This simply means that you will have to use primary blinds or curtain, which can offer you privacy. Generally, sheer curtains have tab top design but you can always customize them. The best part is that these curtains, when used with a primary curtain, can be used in any room.

Homeowners can always go for a custom-made option. You can choose the design and fabric of the curtains that you want and then get it stitched. Of course, you will have to contact the finest drapery shop of your area to get hold of the latest design of the curtains.

Tips to clean curtains

For cleaning sheer or lace curtains, you should hand-wash them and avoid putting them into the washing machine. It is better to check the label of the curtains and read the washing instructions on them. You can also ask the storeowner about washing method at the time of buying the curtains. Further, some types of curtains are neither hand-washed nor machine-washed, so they need dry cleaning. Dry cleaning maintains the finishing of the curtains.

However, regular vacuuming of curtains should get the job done in most cases. So, decorate your home with beautiful curtains in your reasonably priced. They are a lot easier to maintain than something like blinds, which require a lot more care.

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