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by Hooma Choudhury (writer), , April 19, 2016

The web is the preferred medium for buying & selling art online is has never been easier. Capitalizing on this concept, here are some of the popular online art galleries dealing in International Art.

In today’s modern world everything from groceries to gadgets is available on the internet. The web is the preferred medium for connecting with like minded people and so buying and selling art online is has never been easier. An art lover no longer needs to make a trip to London’s Tate museum for a dose of Modern Art. He or she can simply log onto the internet and take a tour of virtual galleries specializing in Modern Art. Capitalizing on this concept, here are some of the popular online art galleries dealing in International Art.



UGallery sources artwork from artists across the globe and allows the user to leisurely leaf through through its collection. You can create a artist or consumer account with the website and gain easy access to artwork. With an aim to make original artwork available to all budgets, Ugallery is shaking up the online art industry. Ugallery allows you to create and share personal collections and even browse through collections curated by their own staff.


Successfully combining quality with convenience, Artliving is the most promising online art gallery & home décor website . It is the India based international marketplace for buying and selling Curated Original Art. Whether you are an art collector or looking to decorate home or office, Artiliving is the perfect solution.You can give custom orders as well to match the size, theme and colors of your décor. It offers money back guarantee too. With easy online payments and orders you can be sure to purchase quality products in a hassle free process.


Another website known for buying and selling online art is saatchiart. With an aim to guide you in your art purchasing process, Saatchi Art enlists the help of its curators to help you in selecting the best possible art for your requirements. With a large selection of online paintings, drawings, photography and sculptures from artists, Saatchi art provides 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. With the help of a simple quiz, consumers can explain their tastes and requirements to the curator and receive expert advice.


IF you are looking for a complete education in art and want to master the subject, look no further than Zatista. Allowing users to buy and sell a number of original artwork online, Zatista caters to all budgets. It features several talented artists and also provides inspiration for budding artists. The website features guest curators who provide varied artworks of different themes and also offers periodical updates on the industry via its blog.


With years of experience under its wing, DeviantArt is the largest social online network for artist and art lovers. It aims to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote and share their artwork. With more than 38 million users and numerous visitors each day, more than 160000 million artworks are uploaded each day. DeviantArt attempts to provide the tools, resources and exposure for artists to express their creativity.

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