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Top 5 Advantages of Installing Bamboo Flooring

by Melissa Hamler (writer), , April 19, 2016

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are generally stain and moisture resistant. You require very less maintenance cost when you install the bamboo flooring.

If you have been trying hard to find a good flooring alternative for your home and office, you can go for the trendy and stylish bamboo flooring. These are less costly than the traditional hardwood floors, and bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly flooring option, that enhances the resale value of your house. These are generally impact-resistant floors, which last long, and which give you a peace of mind, as there are no hassles involved in cleaning and maintaining these floors.

Top Advantages of installing bamboo floors:

Bamboo flooring can be installed as it has the following advantages:

  1. It is a sustainable flooring option that you get. Bamboo stalks take only 3 to 5 years to reach a level of maturity, and they grow very fast, often more than 40 inches in just 24 hours. So you can easily use this form of renewable material to make your floors in an innovative manner.
  2. These floors are generally stain and moisture resistant. You require very less maintenance cost when you install the bamboo flooring Melbourne. They are easy to install and clean. You can simply use some liquid soap and water to clean these floorings, so that your total cost gets reduced to bare minimum. Regular sweeping, damp mopping and even vacuuming can also help.
  3. It is more durable as a flooring option. Generally, if you use the soft wood varieties of bamboo flooring, they tend to be less durable when compared to those that are made of old and hard bamboos. Non-carbonized and strand-woven bamboos can be used to make the flooring more durable and long-lasting.
  4. The best part is that, with bamboo flooring, you can actually try to get a refinishing done just like a solid hardwood floor. Proper sanding and refinishing the coating helps to reduce any unevenness and enhances the life-span of the bamboo floors. This is better than making any improvisation on engineered hardwood that does not give as good a result as the bamboo flooring.
  5. Bamboo plant grows very fast, but its growth is not retarded or accelerated with the application of pesticides. Also there is no need to replant the bamboo rhizome, after it has been harvested.

It is an eco-friendly alternative to build your home:

Bamboo flooring is surely an eco-friendly alternative when it comes to renovate your old home, or to build a new one. Recent studies on home and earth have pointed out that bamboo has come up as one of the most sought-after green home alternatives, keeping in mind the rate of pollution and environmental degradation caused by man, factories and chemicals. Bamboo floors are not easily attacked by insects, and they do not require any chemical fertilizers or pesticides during their growth, so when you get bamboo as a flooring material, there is no fear of any chemical contamination:

    Bamboo also provides 30 per cent more oxygen when it comes to comparing the oak tree growth in an area.

    Bamboo also helps to prevent erosion, and conserve and retain the fertility of soil. Hence, when you install bamboo flooring, it becomes an eco-friendlier option than when compared to the normal hardwood floors.

    Bamboo is a very resilient material and bamboo floors do not give out any toxic fumes during cleaning or maintenance.

There are multiple suppliers of bamboo flooring and from them you can get the bamboo flooring. You can also search from the internet, to find out about how to decorate your home with the highest varieties of bamboo flooring, at an affordable cost.

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