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Troubleshooting Home Network Router Problems

by Jennifer Winget (writer), , April 22, 2016

I am sure while installing your home router, you might have gone through the complete guide of it installation, but in spite of this for some reason there are some problems appearing in the home netwo

Moreover, earlier with everything functioning on your router has suddenly stopped working. In such cases, one should keep in mind that there are more than one issues involved within the router which has to be looked on.

Wi-Fi security setting

One of the most common issues of the router might be incompatibility between two Wi-Fi devices and this shall prevent you from establishing an appropriate network connection. So make sure to check on the following things;

    1.Network mode: it is important that your router is enabled to support different versions of Wi-Fi that is used by network clients. In order to fix this, it is important that you change your router to run in mixed mode.

    2.Security mode: It is important that all the Wi-Fi devices functioning with the same local network must use same security code for functioning. Security keys are often punched in the Wi-Fi and this is the combination of different letters and digits. Every device must be programmed for the Wi-Fi key and function appropriately to provide uninterrupted internet connection to the user.

Restrictions on MAC Address

Some of the router has a feature called MAC address filtering. The router administrator can turn this feature on and thus restrict connections of certain connections with the router. So, if you are facing problem in connecting to a specific device or to join a local network then check if the MAC filtering option has been enabled on the router. (or) you can even check if the MAC address of your system has been included in the list of connections or not.

Disconnected cables

Sometimes your router is turned off, or any of the wire is accidentally plugged off. Keep in mind to ensure power strips are switched on and are receiving electricity from the outlet. Also, the Ethernet cables should be firmly seated and connectors should make a click sound while snapping into this position.

Overloading or overheating

Downloading large files on to your data or using the router for a long period of time, might cause the router to overheat. In such cases, the router shall behave inappropriately, causing your local devices to get disconnected with your system. Hence in such cases, users should shut down their home network router should be turned on, such that some time is given for getting it cool down temporarily. This will give you a solution temporarily, but if the problem persists ten it is important that you check if your router has proper ventilation or not.

Signal limitations

The home network router, have chances of going through problem in signals. Some people often witnesses their Wi-Fi turns off as and when Microwave system in their home is turned on, or garage is opened or other gadgets are being used. These things might be causing interruption in the signals of networking and causing them to break.

It is even common in cities, which have quite a huge number of internet connections, and they tend to intermingle with each such situations it is recommended to change the Wi-Fi channel number or reposition your router to a better place where it can receive signals without any interruption. You can even consider changing the router name SSID if in case you are using the same name as that of your neighbors.

Home network router IP address are the most frequent IP address which is used on almost all the routers as it happens to be the default IP address on your router. If in case you feel that the router is not working appropriately, then you can check it by simply using as the IP address. It is the default address on almost all the routers and can be used by people from all over the world. However, once the router starts functioning, you can even opt to change it, to maintain privacy and security of your network.

Thus before giving up on your router connection, it is important to give a check on the following points on your home network router and get it treated immediately.

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