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Setting Up A Secure Wireless Network

by Jennifer Winget (writer), , April 18, 2016

Users all over the world are making use of computer systems and staying connected to internet to stay in touch with different parts of the world.

In order to keep connected it is important to have a secure network connection. Before you built up a network connection it is important to ensure that they are secure and cannot be accessed by anyone or anytime.

Default IP address is the default IP address which can be used by almost all the routers to develop a successful internet or network connections. These addresses are usually the same for all the routers, which provides users with easy connectivity. This IP can be used for establishing a private connection, however in order to ensure that it remains secured following simple techniques and tricks can be followed.

Setting up minimum secure network

Following steps are required for setting up a secured network;

    ·Securing the router

    ·Choosing and finalizing a secure Wi-Fi connection

    ·Clients can thus be connected using either wired or wireless connections

    ·Monitor who all is connected to your network.

    ·The last thing you will have to ensure is, protect your data from people getting in touch with your network.

These things are important to protect yourself, your network and also the data stored on it.

Steps for secured network

For almost every user, it is important that they keep their network secured and protected from other unknown users. In such a situation it is essential that users should follow some important steps to enhance security on the network to keep it protected and preserved for the owners.

    ·Passwords: This is one of the best and easiest solutions of keeping your network protected. Username and password can be used as a security, however it is recommended that it is changed as and when you begin using the router. Make sure to have a password which is unpredictable and is almost impossible for anyone to guess it.

    ·Encryption: Once the password has been changed make sure to upgrade your encryption. The old Wired Equivalent privacy can be easily hacked in no time and cause danger to your data.

    ·Authentication: Look out for an adequate way through which employees or your family members are going to connect to your network. Also inquire if it is easy for the people to get on to the network. For users who are accessing through satellite, it is important to implement IPSec/SSL gateways which are much secured and the right gateways to choose. This is one of the best authentication processes to use across the company.

    ·Rogue detection: In order to have access to the premium facilities it is a good idea to opt for detection systems which shall scan and police your networking system. This system will alert the user of any unwanted activity undergoing on your network. This security method is even better, which shall automatically disconnect the rogue AP on your system, without even bothering the network manager for it.

    ·Assessment: After the security policies have been placed on to your system, it is important that they are assessed on regular basis. Make sure that standards set for security are met and helps you achieve protection of your data and security.

    ·MAC address filter: If three or four numbers have been configured on the system, then probably there is no need of enabling the MAC filter. But this filter can be used for improving security of your system and also your network. With these filter, users are required to input the MAC addresses of the wireless card which shall allow them to connect, while for other users the connection would be denied.

    ·DHCP should be disabled:DHCP should be disabled on the router or access points which mean you will have to set the IP addresses of your system manually. Thus disabling DHCP, you would require your user name to know the IP address and then get connected with a network. This might not be a big security step for your network, but it shall make things inconvenient for the users to access networks.

    ·Broadcast range: The access point where the network has been placed determines the places where you can pick up the signal from. I am sure every user would like to keep the signal confined within their home or office place and make sure that only the people connected to have gets access to it. in order to have an enhanced security, it is important to place the connection in the middle such that outsiders does not gets access to the network and causes any harm to you or your network.

These are some of the brief steps which can be followed for building up a secured network connection or a corporate WLAN. Hence it can be understandable that users with consistent efforts can develop a secured connection on their network.

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