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The Best Online Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage Services

Online cloud storage services give you the privilege of accessing your files from any laptop, desktop, smartphone and even tablet.

Online cloud storage services give you the privilege of accessing your files from any laptop, desktop, smartphone and even tablet. This is one advantage of using storage servers especially those that are available online. However, you must be aware of the fact that various providers are willing to offer you these services, which is why you should understand how some of these services work and why they are the best. Here is a list of storage services that are available online for different applications and operating systems.

Best Online Cloud Storage Services Available

1. DropBox

DropBox is preferred by most people reason being that it is one of the online cloud storage services that support various OS such as Linux, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Windows and Android. Furthermore, there is even a Window Phone application that you can use with this service, which makes it much more reliable when it comes to uploading data.

Another reason as to why you might also enjoy this storage servers is because you are offered a free basic account when you sign up. As a new user, your storage is limited to two gigabytes, but you can choose to upgrade your account for less than eight dollars per month and you space limit will be increased to one terabyte. Moreover, this service also offers additional storage of five hundred megabytes for each person you get to sign up for the service.

2. OneDrive

OneDrive cloud storage servers are basically for Windows Users. For a primary account, you are offered fifteen gigabytes of storage for free. Furthermore, you are given an additional storage of the same size if you link a camera roll to this service. Office 365 subscribers are given a storage capacity of one terabyte. This is a convenient place to store all you data and important documents. However, you need to understand that OneDrive usually works or links with Microsoft products and therefore, you cannot link it with Apple products.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive offers the most space to its new users, and all you need to do is create or sign up for a Google account, and you get fifteen gigabytes for free. If you have an account, then you do not necessary have to create a new one. What you are required to is link your Google Drive to this existing account. Google drive is convenient for storing large attachments that are sent to you via e-mail. Furthermore, you can also enable automatic photo backup to your account using a smartphone.

4. Servers

Servers is a brand that offers advanced security for everything that you store online. When it comes to their reliable storage servers, only you can be able to access data from this service because everything that you upload for saving is encrypted locally, on the destination server and on route.


Even though there are many online cloud storage services, not all of them are reliable for sufficient storage. Furthermore, with the help of this tutorial, you can be able to determine which cloud storage service is best to use online.

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