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5 The Best Logical Video Games

?It is an understatement to say that video games are popular today. As many as 155 million Americans play video games, and this makes 4 out of 5 homes equipped with a device for games.

Logic Video games that require puzzle solving are included among the most popular genres with a bit over 30% of the share in the number of players. There are various types of puzzle games ranging from arcade challenges to first-person narratives. What they have in common is the fact that you have to engage your brain skills in order to solve the problems they pose to you. So they are, after all, not only fun but very useful as well, since they enhance your skills regarding logical thinking.

We picked 5 of them which we consider to provide the most challenging tasks without making the experience of playing tiresome or repetitive. They often do require a lot of thinking, but the pleasure one gains after successfully solving a troublesome puzzle is quite a nice compensation for the effort. Our list includes the following: Portal, Gunpoint, World of Goo, Hexcells Infinite, and The Talos Principle.

The Portal by Valve Corporation

This is a first-person puzzle game produced by Valve where a player creates one portal on a surface, another portal on another surface, and then walks into the first one in order to appear out of the other one. Of course, the purpose of these portals is to allow the player to get from one area to another which would otherwise be impossible.

The Valve was creative and inventive regarding puzzles which the player has to solve. It often requires from the player to change the way of thinking about how to solve the problem which makes it challenging at times. In addition, there is a detached, cruel and sarcastic robotic voice criticizing you and making the whole experience even more fun. There is also a sequel called Portal 2.

Gunpoint Puzzle Platform

This game is made by Suspicious Developments team, and its beautiful pixel graphics really make it feel timeless. The player is given a series of missions where he/she should break into buildings, take out guards, steal items, and finally do rewiring. It is possible to scroll the mouse-wheel at any time in order to rewire the building to the player’s advantage with the help of really smooth method of connecting switches with doors, lights and such by drawing lines. There is a lot of room for improvisation - it is possible to lure guards into various traps, trap people wherever you want to keep them and create safe paths.

World of Goo Puzzle Video Game

Developed by 2D BOY, this is a physics-based puzzle/construction game. The player places blobs (Goos) next to each other in order to create rigid bonds which can be further improvised into bridges, towers, and various other constructions. The player’s goal is to create a passage with the help of these structures which Goos may use in order to reach the pipe (of freedom?). Whether it is freedom or not, it makes Goos happy. The gameplay is accompanied by beautiful music and design, and there are a lot of challenging levels which with time become more and more complicated and entertaining for solving.

The Talos Principle from Croatian Developer

This is another first-person puzzle unexpectedly developed by Croteam – the team that previously created Serious Sam. The player is put in the role of a robot trying to accomplish a series of tasks in order to find out what happened to the place (overgrown and broken facility) and to discover what humanity is. The puzzles involve aiming light beams, removing force fields, freezing enemy bots, negotiating impossible mazes with the final goal of collecting puzzle pieces of tetromino. With enough pieces, the player is granted access to new skills and game sections.

Crayon Physics Deluxe in 2D

Crayon Physics deluxe is a 2D puzzle game developed by Petri Purho. What makes this game special is that you get to see what it would be like if your drawings could become real objects. It calls for the creative use of physics and artistic vision. The player must create a path for a red ball to touch a yellow star. Not being able to guide it directly aside from slight pushes, the player has to draw various objects to drop on the ball to make it move, or to cover holes, connect landscapes, etc. There are many ways to accomplish levels, and some of the levels at the later stage of the game get quite challenging.

This genre of games does not only provide a lot of fun for players but also a chance to improve their cognitive skills, particularly imagination. The players learn to think out-of-the-box and get new ideas regarding how to observe things. The games make them start considering certain situations from various aspects and thus expand the scope of their perception.

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