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How to Fix laptop freezing problem in Windows 7?

Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems from the Microsoft Corporation. It has six different versions that support user specific requirements.

If you are also facing an issue like laptop freezing and not responding, then follow the steps mentioned below to overcome the problem in just few minutes. The root cause of laptop freezing issue is running of several programs and software simultaneously, or the drivers of the hardware installed on your PC or laptop are outdated. Most of the times laptop keeps freezing if the RAM cannot manage ongoing applications.

Does your laptop keeps freezing?

Know some of the causes why my laptop keeps freezing and crashes frequently.

Hardware Compatibility Issue: If your laptop keeps freezing then in this condition the keyboard and mouse of your laptop will stop performing leaving no method to continue your work. If laptop freezing is becoming a common issue, then immediate measures should be taken in order to nullify the risk of data lost. If you use some the application software that are too heavy for your system, then your laptop will face memory issue and, in this case, the performance of your system will downgrade and your laptop keeps freezing. To rectify the error, you should check the compatibility of all the hardware, software and various application installed on your laptop. Also, you need to check the compatible application and hardware before installing in your laptop.

Memory Space: It is the most common reason behind Windows laptop freezing. If you have stored various file and applications on your laptop then probably you might run out of memory space on your system's hard disk, and this will raise the problems and your laptop keeps freezing. Most of the time when you use The Internet to surf the web and open a web page, cookies, and temporary internet files have been saved on your system that occupies the space. In this case, you need to regularly clean the temporary internet files and cookies to free the disk space. Also, you can download and install software to clean all your temporary files and cookies.

Steps to fix laptop freezing issue in Windows 7?

To solve the laptop freezing issue, you have to uninstall some of the unwanted application and software. Furthermore, you can use additional RAM to boost up your system performance. Meanwhile, you should upgrade all the drivers of your laptop on a regular basis.

Sometimes due to some compatibility issue laptop keeps freezing so you need download and install the latest updates from the official website of Microsoft. Always clean the registry file on a regular basis as this can also make your laptop freeze. Another reason for Windows 7 laptop freezing is overheating. So to avoid this problem of overheating you need to have a notebook cooler, or you can adjust the fan speed from the advanced boot option.

If your laptop keeps freezing in this condition, your keyword and mouse will not perform and you will lose all your important and unsaved documents. So, take the crucial steps to make your laptop work fine. You can also download free antivirus Software for Speed Up Your PC.

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