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Six best places to visit in the Europe all round the year

by Howayda Alame (writer), Dubai, April 11, 2016

Europe is all about colorful life. Here we will discuss about its best place where people can go for a short or long term stay.

The Europe is all cheerful, colourful and lively and finding the best place to visit, especially during spring isn’t always easy. All the diverse culture, scenery and rich history make it difficult to choose a specific destination. If you’re indecisive between the surreal Alpine backdrop, an exclusive island tour or a buzzing metropolis, check out a few recommendations below!

1.Zadar, Croatia

In the northern Dalmatia as you move over Split and Dubrovnik, there’re many new Croatian hotspots such as Zadar; a must watch! There lay an old town that amazingly sits on a peninsula with a few recent installations at the waterfront for a true interactive experience. Witness the stunning lightshow during sunset at Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ which comprises stone steps that plunges directly into the sea along with submerged pipes for amazing sound effects.

2.Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bicycles, tulips, canals, clouds and Amsterdam are made for spring. Whether it’s a boat tour, bicycle ride along the canals weaving through the city or simply a walk on foot is typically Amsterdamish. Enjoy a coffee, smoke or beer in one of many cool café’s, go sightseeing deep into the city for a super exciting trip!

3.Vienna, Austria

Vienna isn’t just a winter sanctuary but also a magnificent destination for spring. Visiting the place in the season would make you experience a carefree environment that’s all colourful and dynamic. The city squares inaugurate music festivals where people gather in its unspoiled gardens. Vienna is indeed a beautiful city that turns prettier in spring with the dancing blooms everywhere!

4.Copenhagen, Denmark

Situated on an eco-friendly coast and surrounded with a burst of fresh air; Copenhagen is a must-visit destination in the Europe. Two facts are worth noticing here that’s common to the eye though; everything’s neat and well-designed, bike riding is everyone’s favourite travel means. Men in formal attire, mothers carrying their babies in part extensions and people with pets; all opt for the bicycle here so you better hop on as well. The parks in Copenhagen are worth exploring on a sunny day!

5.Paris, France

Spring and Paris is a wonderful combination; you’ll be too tempted to live here throughout the season! The French capital has seen its days but the charm and beauty it brings in the spring is unbeatable. Take a stroll in the parks, sit outside a café and have a cup of coffee with mini pizza that’s another amazing combo for your taste buds.

6.Lesvos, Greece

Known as the most sought-after Roman holiday spot with its roiling thick southern forest, hot springs and serene orchards; the Greek island of Lesvos has some of the best thermal baths and spa facilities. It’s also a place where the finest line of olive oil is produced hence expect fresh and delicious food every time.


Spring season has just begun so now is the perfect time to apply for an EU passport and visit the most amazing places in the Europe as outlined above.

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