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Planning to Build an Eco-Friendly Home? Top Tips to Undertake

by Albert Smith (writer), , April 08, 2016

The green architectural design came into limelight only a few years before, renewing focus on ensuring environmental sustainability.

The green architectural design came into limelight only a few years before, renewing focus on ensuring environmental sustainability. The homeowners of today are well aware of the fact that our planet only has a limited supply of fossil fuels left and thus, they are looking forward to the ways deft at making their house significantly more eco-friendly. Regardless of whether this desire is stemming out of the wish to save the limited resources our planet is left with or to bring down the heating and the cooling costs substantially, the steps to be undertaken remain the same more or less.

Benefits of Living in an Eco-Friendly House

The recent changes in the construction industry have made it possible for the home builders to make houses comparatively more eco-friendly than before.

If you are also thinking of living in an eco-friendly home, you have just crossed the first step to a better and a healthier living style. There are a number of eco-friendly houses today with more and more people becoming conscious of the environment. These houses do not just benefit the environment, but also the people who are occupying the house as well as the community around.

Energy efficiency of the eco-friendly construction brings down the cost of energy for the homeowners as well since the green buildings consume much less energy as compared to the traditional buildings. The environment friendly houses offer all the comfort and the convenience and are not less durable either. However, their maintenance as well as operation is significantly less costly as compared to the conventional homes.

By opting for an environment friendly home, you can eliminate the stress involved in paying the monthly bills, bring down carbon footprint and save money for things like outings or other special occasions.

Control the Temperature

When it comes to building the energy efficient houses, we trust only the architects deft at building the eco-friendly houses.

You can undertake several steps to help your house be eco-friendly as well as energy-efficient.

To keep your house cool, you need to protect it from the glare of Sun. The key to achieving this is coming with a solid thermal envelope for your house. Add proper insulation to control the temperature. You can also plant large shrubs or trees close to your house so that when the tree grows up, your house gets the shade.

There are several options to heat your home naturally. You can use the heat pumps as well as the solar heating options. The alternative energy sources are yet another source to heat up your house.

Make it Energy Efficient

One of the best ways to help houses reduce consumption of energy is through the usage of a cleaner source like solar energy. The solar panels need to be installed in the right places. 3D rendering comes to great help in this case. Most of the 3D visualisation companies use it to get a better idea of the place the solar panel is to be installed in.

Remember that the light fixtures you are making use of also cast an impact on the amount of energy you are using up. It is not enough to use the efficient light fixtures. You also need to consider proper usage of natural lights. For example, the right placement of windows has a significant role to play in natural light distribution. You can also choose a skylight design. This will bring down the need for light fixtures.

Consider your Lawn

Summer is just around the corner and this is the time when we increase lawn activities, mowing, smith107watering or fertilising it. Fossil fuel powers the lawn mowers and the string trimmers and that creates harmful emission. The fertilisers used to grow lush green lawns at times create a pollution problem as well.

Here are a few steps you can observe to come with an eco-friendly lawn.

    ·Collect rain water to water the plants

    ·Avoid over watering

    ·Don’t drench the sidewalks

    ·Opt for a push mower

    ·Select the right plants for garden

    ·Plan the yard properly considering the requirement for Sun and shade

Going green is far from a costly or difficult venture. You just need to observe a few simple strategies to make your home greener.

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