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How to use gamification to improve your motivation

by Lisa smith (writer), , April 06, 2016

If you are trying to solve problems but you aren’t finding any solutions, you will have the feeling that you are playing a losing battle.

It reaches a point in life when we experience some form of despair. If you are trying to solve problems but you aren’t finding any solutions, you will have the feeling that you are playing a losing battle. You end up getting so used to a particular way of doing things that you are at a loss. Let’s look at this from a different perspective! When working with a group of individuals as a team leader, you might realize that it reaches some point when the individuals in the group appear to have stagnated and lost their momentum.

In such scenarios, it would be best to find some creative way of improving one’s self as well as the team – well, unless you do not want to be productive in life. One technique can be used to help deal with instances where an individual or group feels discouraged and hopeless: it is called gamification. The technique is known to have a positive impact and Success, hence it is often encouraged that people use it from time to time.

So, what exactly is gamification?

It can be defined as a form of application that involves full engagement of an individual the same way when one is playing a game, because they happen to be competing with another individual and there are rules to be followed, scores to be made and an award given in the end interesting indeed.

Gamification happens to be an interesting concept, as its core objective is to ensure that the people involved give their best by exploring their full potential. And as a result, this will act as a new motivation and inspiration, enabling them to achieve their own goals in their day-to-day lives.

Those who have had the opportunity to use it have been known to find their bearing once more and have been more likely able to explore other new ways of doing things, after experiencing some form of new motivation from what they have undergone during the whole gamification experience.

This form of approach can be used in different environments from organizations to learning institutions and businesses just to mention but a few. It is helpful because it aids individuals in having a new form of determination on themselves as it serves as an inspiration. There are business establishments that use this form of approach to garner points from their customers. They try to encourage and motivate their customers to stick with them as well as their brand by devising a way that ensures all the loyal customers are given a great reward as a token of appreciation.

With this technique, one is likely to experience the Eureka moment, as they emerge with new ideas that they think can enable them do things in a more exciting manner, that’s likely to increase their productivity and become better individuals in their own rights.

Another objective of gamification is ensuring that individuals continue to remain interested in what they are doing without experiencing any form of boredom. This would encourage other different approaches to be explored so that there would be no specific routine that is set hence, a new and exciting experience is likely to be experienced, thus reducing the monotony way of doing things. An individual would more likely be spontaneous as a result, when dealing and coping with various issues around them, and therefore enhance their chances of scoring big, because it tops their human desire of being competitive in nature and emerging the winner.

Incorporation of gamification elements should not be seen as a waste of time. More people are warming up to the idea based on the success that it has managed to accomplish, when its transferred into various situations in the real world. An individual is more likely to remain competent as well as have some form of identify they can relate to, and not be afraid to fail because they know they can always give themselves another chance by identifying their own natural motivator.

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