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How To Make The Most Of Wireless Router?

by Jennifer Winget (writer), , April 05, 2016

Internet is very essential both at workplace and home. It is used to download and upload information in various forms.

If you would like to access your email, you should have internet connection. In order to carry out extensive research, you should visit number of web pages. The Wi-Fi connection is required to play games on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. By using a wireless router, you will be able to configure it as per your needs. New devices can be attached and detached as per your convenience. You will also be able to enhance security measures so that you will be able to make the most of your investment.

Great flexibility with Wi-Fi

You should have access to an internet service provider. Wireless connection gives you great flexibility so that you can move from one location to another location at home very easily. The internet can be shared among all your computing devices, electronic gadgets and printer. A single connection can be used to manage all devices in a very efficient way. You will also be able to get rid of all the clutter that happens through wired connections. With the advent of high speed internet connection, you will be able to connect various electronic devices and data transfer can be accomplished very quickly.

You should setup the box and turned it on to access the internet. The setup can be done very easily and quickly. No extensive technical knowledge is required for setup. Non-technical users will also be able to setup very easily. You will find all the ports on a router and they will be labeled properly. The identification is made simple by applying color codes. If you perform the basic steps, the router will be up and running.

Selection of router

Before purchasing a router, you should go through the options. The WPA2 is the latest encryption technology so that the router will function in a very secure way. Old routers are provided with WEP encryption only. In such cases, you should go for upgrade. Some routers provided by the ISP will not have all kinds of features. Hence, you should purchase a router directly from the market so that you can enjoy more features. In order to achieve best performance from the router, you might want to pair the router with the appropriate adapter. You should go through the documentation so that you will ensure that right kind of router is selected for your needs.

Before connecting the router to the computer and modem, you should turn off the modem. The Ethernet cable connected to the modem should be unplugged. The cable should be connected to the internet port on the new router. The modem should be powered and you should wait for one or two minutes. You should power on the router and should wait for one or two minutes. You should use another Ethernet cable to connect PC to the LAN port. The PC should be turned on.

Functioning of the router

The router will use DHCP to connect your computer automatically by assigning a default IP address. The router’s configuration can be customized as per your needs. You can access the management console through the browser. The default IP address to access the router admin page will be shared by the router manufacturer. The administration account information (username and password) will also be provided as per your needs.

After accessing the admin page, you are advised to change the username and password. You are also advised to change the router’s firmware so that there will be enhanced protection. If you are connecting a server or printer, they should have a fixed IP address. You should assign a static IP address and that address will not be available in the DHCP pool. You will also be able to set some DHCP scope. If you would like to assign 25 IP addressed to the DHCP, You can set the starting IP address as and the ending IP address to

The gateway and DNS address will be the same address provided by the router manufacturer ( in most of the cases). The activation of Wi-Fi will be done in a couple of minutes. You should enable the wireless network in the management console of the router. If you are using dual band router, you should configure it as per your needs. The channel can be left to the default one or it can be adjusted later if there are any network issues. You should choose the SSID and it can be kept in hidden mode so that others will not be able to find your SSID. If you choose WPA2-PSK [AES], highest level of security will be provided. You can assign a pass code or key so that your connection will be protected. Now, after restarting the computer, you will be able to access internet on various devices through router.

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