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How to Install a Wireless Printer?

If you go for a wireless printer, there will be great convenience. The printer can be shared across the network and it is possible to give print command from the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

If you are aware of the wireless network details, it is possible to configure it very easily. You should follow the printer’s installation guidelines so that there will not be any issues.

Printer preparation

If you have already installed a network, the printer can be added into the work. You should have SSID of the network and password to access the network so that the new printer can be added very easily. You can install the software in PC after connecting the printer to the PC.

In order to position the printer for wireless access, you should ensure that the printer is located within the wireless range. There are certain elements which will interfere with the wireless signal. Some of these objects include large metal objects, grinders and building elements. If there are too many doors and windows, the quality will be degraded. If you experience weak or intermittent signal, you should move the printer closer to the wireless router.

Quick automatic installation

The installation can be done very quickly when you choose the automatic mode. If your printer comes with LCD panel, the wireless connection can be established very easily. The printer will detect the nearest signal automatically and it will notify you. If you are aware of the username and password, the connection can be done instantly.

The installation can be done by using a CD as well. The configuration of the printer can be done by using the Ethernet connection as well and it will be done by using a web browser.

Manual installation

The installation software will take care of the IP address and firewall issues. If you are installing manually, you should set an IP address for the printer. The IP address will be given by the router attached to the printer. It will be done by implementing DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

You should ensure that the printer will get the same IP address at all times so that it will be accessible to all network devices and print command can be executed without fail. You assign the IP address to the printer through the control panel or through the web-based configuration page. The address that you assign should be well below or above the range of addresses which are used by DHCP. The range should be limited. You should not set the static IP address as it will not be listed in the DHCP table.

There are certain routers which will reserve some IP addresses for printers. MAC address is used for this purpose. It is possible to find the MAC address in the DHCP table. It is found in the system’s system menu. If you are able to view the DHCP table, you will be able to view the IP address of the printer as well.

Check wireless protocol

Your router’s security protocol will be either WEP (Wireless Ethernet Protocol) or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). If you go through the router’s configuration page or the router’s documentation, you will be able to find the wireless protocol.

You should adjust the firewall setting of the printer as well so that it will be readily accessible through PC or laptop without any issues.

Installing printer using OS’s printer routine

The installation of printer can be done by using the OS’s printer routine as well. In this context, you will not want to use the software CD. If the printer is already present in the network, the task can be fulfilled very easily. The wireless settings of the printer should be configured so that you will share access very easily. The OS will discover the printer settings automatically if the printer is configured properly. It is possible to install a printer automatically and very efficiently by using the OS routine.

If the OS fails to find the printer, you can add the printer in the network by using USB connection and you can assign a standard TCP/IP port and IP address as well. If you are installing a printer in OS which is not supported by the printer, you should download required printer drivers so that the installation of the printer will be very smooth. The printer drivers will be provided by the printer supplier.


There will be great flexibility to access your printer when you configure it for wireless access. You can give print command from a laptop or smartphone so that there will be great convenience. If you are aware of network credentials i.e., the username and password, you will be able to setup printer and additional devices very easily and the resource can be managed very efficiently.

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