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Private IP addresses Definition

by Jennifer Winget (writer), , April 02, 2016

In order to indentify your computer in a unique way, your computer should have unique IP address. There will be IP address for every router, computer and website as well.

If your computer is present in a home network, IP address will be assigned by the router. A list of numbers will be reserved for private use. Those numbers are not used for public networks so that there will not be any conflict.

Private IP addresses

The range of private IP addresses is given below:

    · through

    · through

    · through

    · through

In order to access a Netgear router, you should enter in the browser. If you would like to access the Linksys setup page, you should enter The default address will be provided to the router so that that address to the end user will be provided by the router. Network administrator will be able to connect to the router and configuration will be done as per the requirements.

A group of computers are denoted by If your router number is, your computer number will be in 192.168.1.x. The x will be in between 2 and 255. As you can easily remember the router id, you will be able to configure and access the router very easily. You will be able to access the router page by typing or in the browser. These numbers change from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you visit the manual presented by the manufacturer, you will understand exact way to access the router.

You should be able to access the router after presenting the username and password. If you are accessing the router settings without entering the username and password, you should understand that there are severe security issues and they should be fixed immediately. If there is no username and password to access your router configuration page, the settings can be altered by anyone very easily.

In order to find the IP address of your router, you can reach the command prompt and type ‘ipconfig’ in the command line. As you press Enter key, you will find bunch of details. The Default Gateway is the IP address of your router.

Changing settings on router

In order make changes to the router settings, you should connect to the router. is the most commonly used IP address to access the Linksys router page. End users will be able to access the page so that wireless security mode, SSID and network security can be changed as per your needs.

In order to access the NetGear router, you should enter and the settings on the router page can be changed very conveniently. If you are aware of the username and password, you will be able to access the router page. If you are configuring for the first time, the default username and password can be entered. The default username will be admin and password will be either admin or password.

Reset the password

If you forget the username and password to access the router page, you should take physical steps to reset the router. You should press the reset button with the small pin and should hold it for few seconds. The reset will be completely.

In order to restore the router to the factory settings, you should login to the router configuration page and ‘factory reset’ option can be exercised. It is very easy to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Network security

The network security can be very much enhanced with the default IP address of the router. While establishing the home network security, you should go through the options very carefully so that the security will be enhanced to the highest potential extent.

    ·You are advised to change the default username and address so that the unauthorized access to the router page can be prevented.

    ·The SSID should be unique. The default SSID should be changed so that others will not be able to access your network. If you access the router login page, the SSID can be changed. You should also turn off the SSID broadcast so that others will not be able to notice your notice. Thus, you can avoid permission to devices which are not present in your home network.

    ·The wireless network security should be enabled. You should choose the strongest form of wireless network security that is supported by all the network devices at home. WPA is a higher standard while WEP is of low standard. If you are required to go for WPA, you should reset the password on monthly basis so that unauthorized access can be prevented.

    ·You should include MAC filtering also in addition to other network security measures so that there will be great enhancement of network security.

    ·The auto connect to wireless network should be avoided.

The firewall on the router should be turned on. You should turn on the firewall on the computer as well.

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