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How to Survive in Bad Weather Breakdown

by Maya Jacobs (writer), , April 02, 2016

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How to Survive in Bad Weather Condition

Best Things to Do in Bad Weather Breakdown

The state of the atmosphere with respect to time and place is weather. Many, of us take same meaning of climate and weather, but they are not in reality. However, both are scientifically different in the measure of time duration. The weather is the short term persistence of atmosphere, while the climate is the long timed stability of the condition. Today we can’t wait for a good day. Either rainy or sunny day we have to go to work and other duties. Sunny days are not a big deal to tackle with while the snowy days are not other than trouble. The fog impact directly affects the vision. Then how can you drive? Although you have to join the job.

No doubt, it is the dangerous situation. Let’s see how to deal with this:

    1. Just slow down: The first winter effect is the fog. Simple, the vagueness is, unless situation. It is hard to breakdown the weather and drive particularly. Try to drive in center of road, but in slow speed. Why at the middle of road?Because, there is less fog due to continue crossing. Bonding among the fog particulates will form no strong bond due to collusion.

    2. Coolant level:

    The antifreeze solution in radiator is a mixture of ethylene and water. The car maintenance service advice the 50-50 ratio of both for winter’s. The regular car service is therefore necessary. May be your car need to drain the coolant or replace with fresh. This is essential to transfer more heat from the engine.

    3. Wiper Blade:

    It is also one of the major components of any transport. Functionally, screen wipers are used to clear the main screen.The moisture rate generally increases in winter. There are many precautions for long time working of wipers. First, you have to change these. Second, turn the wipers off before shutting the engine. Third, keep them hanged over the screen instead of down through the screen shield. The snow can jam them as well.

    4. No more Drive:

    In freeze temperature, it’s not possible to drive accurately. The car is out of order, then don’t enforce it. Don’t drive over the snow, you can badly stuck in. Call the trust worthy towing and Storage Company. Lock the doors and turn the lights on. The lights will attract the tow truck can easily find you. Keep yourself safe, try to stay in restaurant in time of truck arrival.

    5. Protect yourself:

    Keep warm while waiting tow truck. The best way to be warm is to sit in the car. The precautionary measures should be followed. You should carry jackets, blanket, emergency light, and rope and tool box. Also keep your cellphone charge before leave. Be sure your exhaust pipe is clear for exchange of gasses before turn on the heat.

    6. Towing service:

    Call for those Companies who serve for 7 days a week. In fact, just keep in contact with Best Towing Services Company. So that, you become a top priority customer of them. Always discuss about weather conditions and your car stability to tow officers.

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