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Make the most of your Kitchen with U Shaped Modular Kitchen

by Rajat Tyagi (writer), , April 01, 2016

Designing a kitchen is a task that everybody expects do it in their own unique way but most of them seldom have any idea about how to do it. All of us have a set idea in our mind regarding the kitchen

There will be some shelves, cabinets and a work area at waist height. There may be some space for the fridge, and for the microwave and that is about it. There is very little scope to do anything new. However, if you do apply a bit of thought, even these basic elements can be immensely improved. U Shaped Modular Kitchen is one such idea that helps not only to make the kitchen look great but also utilize the limited space to great effect.

Benefits of U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs:

More Storage: Such a design naturally gives you much more space than the usual design. You can have cabinets installed under the entire length of the U. So, you have enough space to store all your utensils, dishes and containers under your work area. It also makes it easier to find them whenever you need them.

Better Utilization of Space: This design ensures better utilization of space in general which is important in modern day urban homes as most of them are small in shape. This design creates more places to store and work without taking up any extra space compared to the conventional design. It can be extended up to the corners of the room and still you can find space to fit in the fridge and the microwave somewhere in the room.

Longer Work Area: The top work area gets longer with this design. So, you can install multiple equipments together and use them simultaneously, without needing to move along too much. Within a radius of one metre, you can have every kitchen appliance set ready to operate. It cannot get easier than this as you do not have to run to a remote corner of the kitchen or a different room altogether in order to use the over or get ice cubes. With a bit more innovation, you can add further features such as cutlery hanging from the top to make the task even easier.

More Space for Guests: Finally, the extra space can also be set aside as a space to entertain the guests. For instance, if you have a guest and you are cooking while the guest is sitting at the drawing room, it does not lead to a good social experience. Instead, you can serve small drinks and snacks to them on the extra space and keep chatting as you work on the dinner.

U Shaped design is the trendiest and most useful design for modern kitchens. They are not only helpful but also great to look at. If you can hire a good service provider, they should also offer you good options regarding the material and colour, so as to suite your aesthetics as well as the decor of your home.

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