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When to Outsource Tech Training for Employees

by Marleen Anderson (writer), , April 01, 2016

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Tech training is just one thing on a list of dozens of priorities. Many of the responsibilities on that list need to be dealt with in-house. There’s no way around it

There’s a lot of stuff going on around the office at any given moment. Tech training is just one thing on a list of dozens of priorities. Many of the responsibilities on that list need to be dealt with in-house. There’s no way around it. You may be able to outsource a few things, and tech training, like most training is one of those things. If you can’t keep fifteen juggling pins in the air at the same time, you’re only human. You may find that the easiest solution is to pass one of those juggling pins, which in this case is tech training, over to someone else who doesn’t have as much to juggle.

When it’s the most economical option

It costs money to update your training. You need to create new materials, research new information, and compile a schedule for training meetings. If that isn’t in your budget, it may be time to outsource. Many employers use cloud learning management systems for training because they’re cost effective. Most cloud services use a pay-as-you-go model, which prevents businesses from overspending. Plus, with the flexibility you get from outsourcing your training to the Cloud, you’re less likely to lose productivity pulling everyone out of their cubicles at the same time.

When responsibilities cross borders

If your company deals with consumers in other countries, their standards and culture are probably very different there. The way they interact with your products and services is different. If you do business in Russia, you aren’t going to be able to send your employees overseas to be trained in the tech that will affect the way they do business. Instead, calling in an outside firm that has experience training employees who work across borders is a much more realistic approach to bridging the gap.

When you don’t have the time for an in-house solution
Busy is busy. You aren’t always going to have the time to provide or update tech training for your employees in-house. If you’re dealing with a lot of projects, changing your infrastructure, or you’ve just completed a hiring cycle that brought a lot of new faces into the game, you’re probably up to your ears in work. Rather than rushing through tech training to keep everyone ahead of the learning curve, outsource the training to an individual or firm whose sole purpose is to train employees.

When you’re ill-equipped

You can’t be expected to know everything. The responsibilities on your rung of the ladder are probably vastly different from the responsibilities of those who require tech training. You wouldn’t want to get yourself in over your head. Not only will your other responsibilities suffer, but you may not be able to provide the quality of training that your employees deserve. As an HR professional, certain specialized training may be outside the scope of what should be expected to you. Outsourcing means your employees will have access to better quality training, and you’ll be able to tend to everything else your job entails.

Some professionals feel that a certain stigma stems from outsourcing – almost as though outsourcing is admitting a weakness. When you think about what will best benefit your company, you’ll find that in many cases, outsourcing will lead you to the best possible outcome. There’s never any shame in doing what’s best for everyone involved.

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