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Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

by IvanH (writer), , March 30, 2016

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Relaxing massage therapy

Massage therapy offers an easy and immediate solution to a wide range of problems. Massage therapy helps to heal the body, reduce pain, and restore joint mobility, decrease muscle tension stress.

Massage techniques are of ages old and are the most intuitive forms of therapy. The following are some of the health benefits of massage therapy

Decreases blood pressure

Massage therapy is good for people with high blood pressure. According to studies done by health experts, it’s proven that a regime of various massage techniques helps to lower the level of an individual’s blood pressure.

Improves skin condition

Massage therapy helps to keep the skin healthier and good-looking. Massage sessions enable the sebaceous glands to function better. It also eliminates waste from the skin through sweat glands and improves overall elimination from the body.

Physical improvement

Regular massages improve a person’s physical well being. It increases the levels of serotonin in the human brain as well as reduces detrimental t-cells. This helps to improve the immune system.

Improves immune system and blood circulation

Massage therapy enables the body to release cells that defend the immune system against foreign invaders. Furthermore, it reduces the levels of cortisol which is known to destroy the defense of the body’s immune system. When cortisol levels remain low , the immune system is in a good position to defend against illnesses since there are more defensive cells in the body to ward of foreign invaders.

Massage therapy makes blood rich in oxygen flow to the affected areas by means of various massage techniques, thereby improving circulation.

Relieves headaches and promotes easier breathing

Massage therapy reduces pressure and pain, which can also reduce the chance and frequency of headaches. Some people suffer from constricted breathing due to stress and anxiety. Massage therapy relieves respiratory issues and promotes relaxation.

Improves flexibility and posture

Joints tend to tighten with age hence restricting range of motion to some extent. Massage therapy keeps the joints more fluid to promote flexibility and lessen vulnerability to injury. Massage therapy helps to reinforce healthy and natural movements, which helps to regain the right posture.

Massage therapy aids to get rid of lactic acid which accumulates in muscles hence helping the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body. This is essentially helpful after working out to relieve sore muscles.

Massage therapy can as well be used as part of a preventive care program. This includes stress management, injury prevention and sports training.

Alleviates the problems of anciety and depression

Massage therapy alleviates the problem of anxiety and depression. A qualified massage therapist is able to create a warm, friendly and comfortable atmosphere that makes a person feel safe, secure and relaxed.

The type of massage technique, tools, oils, creams and other massage products used by the therapist determines the quality of results a person will get. It’s advisable to choose a therapist who uses high quality products so as to enhance the massage experience.

Overall, massage therapy is good at toning the skin, improved blood circulation and a radiant skin. Consequently, it’s important to choose the right massage therapist for an effective massage.

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