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How to Lose Weights without Struggling So Hard

by Sheharyar (writer), , March 25, 2016

Who says losing weight is always difficult and stressful?

You don’t always have to struggle with hunger or strenuous exercise just to be able to shed off extra pounds. There are things that you can do to make the process easier, but it is not a walk in the park either. all I’m saying is that losing weight in enjoyable and fun ways is possible, don’t take it for a granted – you still need to be disciplined and determined to achieve success.

Have a Lifestyle Change

Instead of dieting, why not changing your lifestyle? You don’t have to start big; start small and progress from there. When people are dieting, they tend to lose weight only to get it back again after the dieting period is over. Somehow, people have this mindset that diet is limited to a short and temporary period of time. So, if you want to successfully lose weight and not getting it back again, forget the idea that you are on a diet. Make changes and start small. Instead of binging on chips, you can snack on nuts or beans. If you don’t like them, have fruit juice or plain yogurts. Such small details matter, so start from those details.

Include Exercise into Your Routine

Keep in mind that exercise isn’t all about losing weight, but keeping you healthy. By doing regular exercise, you can be free from common ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular problems. Try to, at least, have 3 times of exercise within a week. If you like it, you can increase the interval and the number.

Exercise can be fun too. Try doing things that you actually like. If you like dancing, fine…add a dancing class into your schedule. If you like swimming, have it at your heart desire. If you like kicking and punching stuff, you can have a martial art or a body combat class. Be smart about your choice and you may end up liking your choice of physical activities.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate Yourself

Here is a simple tip to avoid binging: have a full glass of water when you feel like snacking. Sometimes people mistake thirst with hunger. When you are hungry, have a full glass of water first and wait for five minutes. If you are still hungry, then you should eat something – an apple, a banana, or a handful of cashew – just to keep yourself energized. But if you don’t feel hungry anymore, continue your activity.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself with enough water. Water, not carbonated liquid or other sweet stuff. Water helps to flush all those toxins away as well as keeping yourself hydrated and moisturized.

Clean up the Storage Cupboard

You will be surprised of how cleaning up the storage compartment can help you lose weight. Remove all the frozen and fatty foods from your cupboard. Stick to whole wheat types of meals. Anything salty or sweet should be removed from the house. Turn to healthier options, like lots of beans, nuts, and plain yogurts.

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