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Modern Beauty, With a Nod to Natural Beauty Cosmetics

by Alicia Hill (writer), , March 22, 2016

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Mother Nature in Your Beauty Look

This post is going to discuss about the pros, the cons, and the truth about makeup products these days.

Consumers looking to purchase beauty products have more choices than ever before. In addition to designer lines of makeup and name brands sold in high-end department stores, lower priced alternatives abound. Relatively inexpensive lines of cosmetics can be found everywhere from drug emporiums, to discount stores and supermarket shelves. This seemingly endless array of cosmetics also includes an expanding myriad of up and coming brands found only online.

At one time, all one needed to do was find the correct color of lipstick, rouge or nail polish to complement their outfit. Nowadays when buying cosmetics, concerned shoppers have to make several important decisions. New beauty products are increasingly being developed by manufacturers, each hoping to capture a larger share of the cosmetic marketplace.

All natural vs. traditional beauty products

Much like packaged foods, beauty products now feature a list of their ingredients. This is excellent from a consumer standpoint, as it allows everyone to see exactly what they are putting on their face, skin and bodies. For those consumers who suffer from allergies, a list of the elements contained in the products they use may literally be life-saving. Knowing what is and what isn't contained in any form of makeup, is the best method to eliminate harmful chemicals in cosmetics that can irritate sensitive individuals.

Standard product lines

Cosmetics and beauty products are generally produced in large quantities. These products are then shipped around the country, and often around the world. Manufacturing, distribution, travel and retail display is a time consuming process. Certain preservatives and chemically oriented ingredients are necessary to insure a lengthy shelf life. These procedures are put in place to make sure the correct color and texture of a product will be maintained for a longer period of time.

Organic cosmetics

Many beauty products claim to be “all natural” or “organic.” To ascertain whether this is true, shoppers need to do their homework. All it takes is a look at the list of ingredients that compose any cosmetic to see if this is indeed true. It is not unusual for the artwork and packaging of a product to scream “all natural” when the product itself is completely synthetic.

Alternatives to traditional cosmetic lines

A perfect example of this, is with the development of cosmetic foundations and skin primers. Make-up artists will often refer to these products as the “base” when making up one of their clients. Foundation promises to color correct uneven skin, as well as smooth skin texture to facilitate application. Foundation is sold in liquid, solid and powder formations.

Mineral based cosmetics

Individuals looking for naturally derived cosmetics would be wise to try mineral cosmetics. In recent years, many of the top brand names have released mineral foundation lines in a wide variety of shades. This gives consumers a chance to try makeup products which do not contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. As an added bonus, the application of mineral primer and foundation products is easy to master.

Depth of color

Cosmetics produced with chemical preservatives may contain deeper and more vibrant colors. For some wearers, this is an important reason to stick with traditional makeup lines. They enjoy being able to wear eye shadow, lipsticks and foundation for hours without the need for a reapplication.

Other makeup wearers are more comfortable making a color trade off to wear cosmetics with organically based ingredients. They find that especially in the case of daytime cosmetic wear, subtle shades work best. Consumers value the shorter ingredient list of a mineral primer, mineral foundation, and mineral concealer, even if it means that they have to touch up their face every few hours. At first, if you can’t give up on your favourite foundation, opt for mineral primer and mineral concealer if possible. Makeup is all about mix and match to see what works best for you.

Supporting an all-natural lifestyle

Such development and sale of natural makeup and cosmetics really goes a long way to lend support to those individuals who have chosen to lead a vegan, organic lifestyle. In the past, such persons would often be known for their proclivity for going bare-faced as another mark of their stance on chemical-ridden products and materials. What goes on the body can often times be just as important as what goes in the body and many companies are now recognizing this. We, as consumers, have a lot more voice and choices now, than in the past, to take control of our beauty and our health. No longer does wanting to make healthy decisions mean having to decide to go without. Now every woman can feel good about wanting to feel good.

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