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The buffoon phenomenon: America resists the System

by Joe Hashever (writer), , March 22, 2016

As everyone knows there Democratic and Republican parties’ presidential primaries and caucuses have started this February in the USA.

At first glance the situation seems quite absurd and unpredictable. Thus Jeb Bush dropped out of the race in spite of over $100 million of donors’ donations and of Republicans’ last year hopes on his name awareness. Ready at hand Clinton kisses with former KKK member Robert Byrd and receives promise of support from the actual KKK leader. Next moment she wins another primary in Mississippi thanks to 86% of black voters.


Results of preliminary polls suggest fabrication. Also it turns out that you can win owing to a coin toss, as it happened in Iowa. And in Nevada ace of clubs “handed” a victory to Clinton. While being of immigrant origin Donald Trump pours chauvinist slogans causing the global butthurt in social networks and… wins one state after another!

Basically the list of Republican candidates has been so remarkable that some call their primaries 2016 the most diverse ones in American history. There were two Latin Americans (Cruz and Rubio), Hindu (Jindal), an Afro-American (Carson). BTW Bernie Sanders was born in a Polish Jewish immigrant family. Does America really deserve such leaders?

Hillary is the only pure American in all senses with fair face. She blames her co-nationals for racism, and brands her rivals with sexism and aggression. She is so saintlike that she dares to tell lies smoothly while standing in the center of a church, as she did late last year. Hollywood and trade unions like her. People of colour and racists like her. She gets sponsorship fees both from Fossil fuels lobby and from Jewish one as well. Also she’s lucky at cards. No surprise that Clinton afforded to spend more than $188 million on her campaign. Ms. Clinton risks a lot spending like a drunken sailor in view of imminent litigation of so-called email scandal… if only she’s aware of her Obama blackmail succeeded so that she would fall on her feet.

Contrasted with such “celebration of democracy” the hated Trump with his $27 million looks a bit shabby. So much surprising his triumphant march among Republicans is. It seems that Americans have merely got missed good old political scandalous shows. And Trump acquits himself of a buffoon’s duties well.

All in all the farther in, the clearer the fact that everything has already been decided without common Americans. Political PR experts and analysts divided all voters in groups based on their race, religion, age, sex and other factors. There are directions and routine guidelines on specific behavior while communication with various groups, on what should be problematized and promised. Actually the winner is the best actor with the best image and the best texts bought for the best price.

Any poll can be confuted, as far as polls haven’t been created for expressing the opinion of a majority, but for imposing the desired opinion to a majority.

Early Michigan Democratic polls are the one of the most perfect examples of mismatching presumable and real opinion. Surely Clinton didn’t expect such a blue ruin. No wonder that once smelling a significant she’s vengefully tried hard to gobble up her opponent descending to petty sly and derision.

It is hardly a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. That is why the US pre-electoral circus 2016 looks like a calm protest action of common American voters vs. attempts of their manipulation, and against the men of consequence with big money feasting on the grave of US Democracy and willing to give the law to entire the globe (I consider that such an aggressive lady as Ms. Clinton is wouldn’t be satisfied with the USA).

It seems that the USA has been tired of dishonest political games in general and of one aggressive man-eater in particular. It’s no coincidence that the most frequent names Internet-users give her during discussions are Hildebeast, Hitlery and Killery.


Why wouldn’t American voters demonstrate the real democracy and show that the USA had once been a country of equal opportunities? In spite of puppeteers’ expectations, each charismatic clown is able to become a leader in the presidential race regardless his origin or views, if the American People would consider him deserving.

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