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5 Tips for a Better Web Design

by Mir Hussain (writer), , March 19, 2016

Look at your web design from a new visitor’s perspective:

Look at your web design from a new visitor’s perspective: go through it and count from 1 – 5, if you are unable to figure out what the company does then it may be a possibility that you have forgotten to rightfully explain the purpose in all.

To be able to do that, you desperately need to reconsider the overall layout of your web design and develop a fresh strategy that actually works. Think of your website as a window that would get you the audience, the right reach and revenue. To be able to do just that, communication needs to be really strong and clear.

Also, if you believe the bounce rate for your web design is way too high then there might be several components that haven’t really been fixed.

Here are a set of 5 tips that will put you in the right direction:

1. Planning

Remember, be it a start of something or tweaking, you can’t just begin to start designing. To ensure all the needs that are required to be fulfilled in the form of a better web design, map out the customers’ journey. Start from where they will start, all the way to the point where they decide to be the customer.

2. Buttons for social interactions and sharing

If someone likes the content, they will want to share it further. To help your audience in these endeavors, ensure that your website has the buttons for all the popular social media channels. This would make it easier for them to share, and will add to the reach of your website and business. You need to incorporate all of this on all of your pages like homepage, any landing pages, the blogs and articles, and any marketing emails that you are sending away.

3. Element of call-to-action

Once the visitors have landed on your webpage, are they aware of the next step? Say you are selling some e-books or other online products, can they figure out how to get there? If not, you need to provide them a direction. Adding a call-to-action is no trouble at all and besides, it is absolutely alright to ask the visitors to do something for you in return. It may include ‘click for more info’, ‘watch the video’, ‘see pricing’ and anything that is relevant.

4. Navigation

Creating a good user experience should be the key element of attracting and retaining a particular user. A navigation that is not too cluttered and super easy to understand, wins the hearts of many customers. If you have found out the duration a particular user a remains engaged with your website and is interested in which brands, you can figure out a lot of things. If the user is lost and is unable to find what he came in for then the entire design will seem flawed to him.

5. Mobile optimized website

Optimizing a website for mobile is perhaps the first thing that businesses are doing these days given the era of mobile internet on the boom. A responsive design can help you out in this regard. Make it impressive and tailor the website design in accordance with the needs of the visitors. Ask questions like why would a user go mobile and what would he be looking for in particular? And of course, don’t forget to figure out an answer for them and work on it.

Developing a strategy sometimes may seem like a child’s play but implementing it correctly is the real game. Ensure you have it all set and streamlined if you are onto recreating your web design or starting a new venture.

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