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3D Printing is All Set to Give a New Dimension to Home Decor

by Albert Smith (writer), , March 10, 2016

In the course of last few years, 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing has acquired the status of a viable mode of construction for everything,

In the course of last few years, 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing has acquired the status of a viable mode of construction for everything, right from toys and jewellery to medical equipment. The availability of the 3D printers has also become significantly more widespread.

If you are like most home owners, you must love the fun and challenge associated with looking for the best product to decorate your house with. And if I say, you no longer need to ransack the stores to search for home decoration item that comes at least close to your dream, but you can 3D print the one that you have always wanted for your house?

Excited, right?

Today, you can customise the home decoration items with ease. All thanks to 3D printing technology or additive manufacturing, today, you can design the home decoration items, all by yourself, bringing them to life.

Here are a few items you can create to accentuate your home using your imagination and a 3D printer.

Light Fixtures

You can create stunning, unique and intricate light fixtures using a 3D printer. You can create natural shapes like seashells and leaves or design original creations right from scratch. A wide variety of materials like metals, nylons and resins can also be used for making eye catching and amazing fixtures.


Vases are possible to be 3D printed for supporting tall flowers. You can also use them to plant herbs. Regardless of your home decoration requirement, you can use several vases and an array of designs, customising it on the basis of your liking.

Picture Frame

Do you want to decorate your house with an array of picture frames but are unable to find the right design in the right colour? 3D printing or additive manufacturing comes to your aid. Design the gallery wall on your desktop and now observe the magic created by 3D printing.

If you design a 3D picture frame to hold your paintings and works of art, it will add a whole new dimension.


Though we usually speak about building houses and cars using the 3D printers, it can also be used for creation of normal household items like utensils, plates and picture frames. In fact, a company experimented with ideating, designing as well as producing thirty different espresso cups. This is the place where 3D printing is creating the greatest impact. Most 3D models are now available as open source designs. You can download them free of cost, revise or improve them and then share them once again.

Seating Arrangement

Have you ever tried moving a heavy couch around the room trying hard to accommodate the guests? What if I tell you that a 3D printed geometric mesh sofa is available that is possible to lift with just one hand? It weighs around 5.5 pounds.

We have interesting news for you. A 3D designer has created a seat that meets your specific need. With introduction of designs like this, we can hope that 3D printed furniture will soon be more environment-friendly.

Wall or Ceiling Hangings

Are you finding it hard to create the right ambiance for your room using wall or ceiling hangings? When creating the right ambiance for your room, the ceiling and the wall hangings really go a long way. By using a wide variety of materials, you can create an interesting ambiance in your room.

Sculptures and Statues

With so many varied materials available for 3D printing items, there are options to create your own sculptures, statues and other physical works of art. This will help you to add a unique touch to your home, allowing your house to be at the centre of attention.


You need not always follow the herd if you have a 3D printer. Say for example, your friend loves playing chess. At the same time, he is also a bird watcher. What do you think will be the best gift for him? Gift him a chess board, replacing the King, Queen and the soldiers with different types of birds. What say? Won’t this be a really bright idea?

You already know that 3D printing is creating a significant impression, changing the very way we perceive things. Earlier, we were chiefly aware of its role in printing cars and houses, but now we can print household items too with the aid of 3D printing.

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