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Useful Tips for Those Who Wish to Buy Superb Home Appliances

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Purchasing home appliances is a tricky task

Purchasing home appliances is not an easy task, especially if you are looking for high quality devices. Read on to find out useful tips on how to choose these appliances correctly.

Can you imagine a modern home without all those devices and electric appliances people use to make their lives more comfortable? Actually, it seems close to impossible to think about the quality and comfort of our live without using TV sets, washing machines, microwave ovens, laptops, refrigerators and other items that have already become an indispensable and, thus, a crucial part of our everyday routine.

Regardless of the convenience the electric appliances have brought to our life, the level of accidental injuries and deaths associated with them makes many people doubt about the reasonability of using them on a regular basis. According to the investigations conducted by the US researchers, around 3000 people die and over 12 million people in the US are injured each year when using electric appliances at home. The prevailing amount of these users are children and elderly people, who do not know much about new devices and the ways of using them. It is reported that the most dangerous appliances that are found almost in any home are as follows:

  • Heater Units

You may be surprised to find out that an ordinary heater unit may become a source of a severe fire. Moreover, experts report that around 22000 home fires and over 300 deaths that are registered in the US each year are caused by the incorrect usage or malfunctions of heater units. To avoid these hectic situations, it is recommended to place the appliances at a three feet distance from clothes, people, walls, pets etc. It is also important to turn off the heater if there is no one in a room or when you go to bed. Finally, it is strictly forbidden to dry anything on the heater and leave it unattended.

  • Mixers

People often use mixers when cooking something. We have already so got used to these appliances that we don’t even suspect how dangerous they can be. It is quite understandable that you or your family members should not put your fingers into the bowl when the mixer is on. Likewise, it is not recommended to use kitchen utensils during the process. They can just be broken, while you may be severely injured in the result.

  • Electric and Gas Ovens

Regardless of the type of your oven, it can still become the cause of fire or accidental burns. This especially concerns kids, who do not realize the potential danger and can touch the oven surface out of a sudden. To prevent this from happening, you should not leave your oven and children in the kitchen unsupervised. Try not to go out of your kitchen, when something is on the oven top. And, of course, do not leave the flammable items (like paper or cotton towels, curtains etc.) close to the oven.

  • Hot Irons

Usage of irons has already become an ordinary process we do every day. Although we know that hot irons are potentially dangerous and try to keep them away from our curious kids, the cases of burns and fires caused by these electric appliances still keep increasing each year. It’s a shocking fact that around 75% of kids of different ages, who have got severe burns caused by hot irons were under the supervision of adults. This is because people can distract from ironing for a few minutes or even seconds just to take water or another dress to be ironed, for instance. This time will be enough for a child to touch the iron. It should be underlined that cooling irons are almost as dangerous as hot ones, because they can cause burns of the second degree, which can further be infected. That is why it makes sense to iron clothes when the kids are asleep or when they are not at home.

Now that you know several home appliances, which may cause the potential danger, you should always try to stick to the recommendations provided above. Furthermore, do not underestimate the importance of reading user guides, which come with these devices. May your home be comfortable and safe for you and your loved ones!

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