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Key functions of recruitment process

by Zuhair (writer), , March 04, 2016

Generally, business owners assume that no one can take the right decision about employing the suitable person.

Irrespective of the size and nature of business, every entrepreneur has to appoint suitable candidates that will help them to efficiently carry out their business functions. Generally, business owners assume that no one can take the right decision about employing the suitable person. To some extent they are right, as they have a clear idea about specific job roles in their firm. In fact, they are mistaken. Understanding job roles is different from screening the right resource for specific jobs. The process of screening and interviewing applicants to delegate the defined duties is known as recruitment process. It is the multistep process that requires strong analytical skills along with a deep understanding of hiring and compensating staff. Practically the recruitment process consists of seven key functions.

Being an entrepreneur, if you are considering performing this function on your own, without hiring and opting a third party assistance, review these primary components to estimate your capabilities.

Job development

Before finding someone suitable to assign specific duties, it is inevitable to identify your company needs. You have to be very sure about the tasks and duties you are planning to assign to your task force. Once you successfully design the job description, you can start searching a resource possessing the relevant skills to execute specific tasks efficiently. Job designing not only helps you to make a formal job offer, but also facilitate you to decide a suitable salary and compensation package.

Searching and isolating candidates

Soon after creating a vacancy with a well-defined job description, next step is to start searching and recognizing the most capable candidate among the huge pool of applicants. To sieve out the best talent from bunch, you should not only possess excellent industry knowledge, but also own unmatched analytical skills to compare the skills and expertise with the duties and responsibilities associated with specific jobs.

Collecting and marinating records

Expect to receive hundreds and even thousands of applications from individuals searching to find the similar job. Ignoring a single resume might lead you to loss a valued worker. Strong data management services are required to keep the information and resumes aligned, so that they can be tracked back anytime without wasting time. Spreadsheets are usually made to save contact information, whereas, resumes are saved in specific system folders.

Validating references to check the background

Whether you are seeking for a fresh graduate for entry level job, or you need an experienced employee for high profile jobs, reference validation is an essential activity that has to be performed to check the work efficiency and criminal history. You may directly communicate with the referees to enquire about overall performance and working attitude of the candidate.

Aptitude tests

Once you have isolated a batch of suitable applicants from an enormous number of applications you might have received against your job ad, the next step is to invite them to appear in basic test scheduled at your office. Generally, such tools are used to assess essential knowledge and competencies required to perform the job. After considering the job nature, applicants are called for oral or written test. More often written tests are taken, as they allow assessing everyone in a single attempt.

Interview process

After scheduling aptitude tests, you can easily interview calls. Usually successful candidates are called for interview. At this stage interviewers ask them about experience and qualifications they possess. Additionally, employers also assess confidence, body language and communication skills, which is necessary to examine before hiring.

Final evaluation to hire

After completing the whole process, employers sit with their managers for final evaluation to make a final job offer to the candidate with most desirable skills.

Summary: Recruitment is an important process and requires expertise and skills. Although, business owners can take initiative to start this process, they can also hire recruitment agency to avail quality services.

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