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Select Easily Efficient Wood Heaters For Your Family

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These Wood heaters fireplaces have heat efficiency,depending on sophistication of design. An open fireplace sends upto 80% of fire’s heat up the chimney & depletes warm air from surrounding rooms.

Wood heaters are the appliances that burn wood and heat the space either which is directly in the vicinity or else through central heating via ducts or pipes, the entire place is heated. There are different kinds of wood heaters. Those that heat the space surrounding the wood fire are the wood stoves, the pellet stoves, the fireplaces that oldest homes have, masonry heaters, fireplaces which are high efficiency ones and fireplace inserts. Those that heat via the central heating systems are the wood fire furnaces as well as the boilers and outdoor wood fired heaters based on hydronic technology.

Again based on the evolution the progression of the different kinds of wood heaters has been stated:

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  • The first of the wood heaters started with campfires. This has been used for millions of years to not only keep the persons warm but also to help them cook their food. These have been used in almost all countries from time immemorial.
  • Then these progressed to open fireplaces. However, as we are all aware, cool air is denser than hot air and so these fireplaces were not all that efficient as the hot air was sent out of the chimney. Therefore, in order to increase the efficiency of these open fireplaces, aftermarket heat exchangers were used. The way this functioned was that there were tubes inside the firebox. These tubes were used to pull the cold air from the room and then it would be heated and sent back to the room. Then this progressed to the invention of catalytic converters which sealed the opening of the firebox to increase the efficiency.
  • Then this was followed by the Franklin stove which had a U shaped flue. This would draw the hot gas from the fire into the baffle. This hot air would heat the air which was cold and inside the baffle and this was then expelled by vents near the top.

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  • This was then followed by the potbelly stove which had a firebox that was closed and there was a cook top on top of this which could be used to either heat water or else to cook food.
  • Then there was the traditional stove that had a cast iron surface with an oven which was enameled. This was used for cooking, boiling water and heating water as well as heating the room.
  • This was followed by the masonry stove that was cleaner and provided lesser emission. In this the passages which were made of ceramic, plaster or masonry captured the hot gas before the hot air was allowed to exit. Thus, the heating lasted longer and was released over hours and days after the fire had been extinguished.

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  • This was then replaced with the airtight stove which allowed the user to control the flow of air. When the wood had caught fire, these openings could be closed and the embers would then glow for a minimum of 8 hours. However, due to this there was a lot of smoke emitted and the pollution caused was tremendous.
  • The modern stove has a damper where the smoke and creosote is sent into a secondary chamber of combustion. Into this hot air is added so that the fuel which was not burnt can be burn completely. This increases the efficiency of the fuel combustion and helps remove the emissions. Get an efficient wood heater for your home as it’s the best way of relaxing ambiance that wood heaters create and heating a room.

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