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Six ways to improve employee competencies

by Zuhair (writer), , February 28, 2016

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Developing desirable skills is extremely crucial not only to enhance their efficiency, but also to improve business processes and productivity of the organization

Competency is the capability to carry out anything efficiently, whereas employee competency is the specific set of skills required to execute job responsibilities efficiently. In order to excel in an organization, an individual must possess profession specific skills. Despite possessing natural abilities, competencies can always be learned via training and education. Either, individuals get enrolled in professional training programs, or employers conduct skill development programs to train their task force.

Developing desirable skills is extremely crucial not only to enhance their efficiency, but also to improve business processes and productivity of the organization. Different professions demand a unique set of skills and expertise from the individuals who are willing to pursue them a career. However, there are certain proficiencies that are essentially required to perform well in any organization.

What are some common competencies?

Communication, leadership, work management, self-management and intellectual +-abilities to understand tasks are few common capabilities; generally recruiters look for, when they are proceeding to recruit individuals for specific job roles. No matter how much an individual is qualified and well equipped technical knowledge about the job, if he/she lacks any one of these qualities, he/she will fails to perform his job efficiently. Some of these qualities may naturally occur in an individual, whereas, some others may not be present. It’s an employer responsibility to find out missing characteristics, to train its task force.

How to improve employee competencies?

Only a knowledgeable and well-trained task force can efficiently take part in the company’s success. Primary skills required to run an organization effectively include business knowledge, customer service, effective communication, capability to work in team and leadership. The first step towards improving capabilities and skills is hiring qualified workers with good business knowledge. As you hire technically proficient staff, they may even help to train those who have limited know how of technical aspects of the business. In addition to that, you can also schedule customized training and education to train individuals and skilled staff about simple ways to complete tasks and activities efficiently. When everyone working in your firm possesses thorough knowledge about core business activities and task execution, they learn to work hard to achieve unique business objectives. This enables them to understand, their collective efforts and dedication is required for the overall success of their firm. The major benefit of working to improve workforce skills, empower entrepreneurs to make their organization adaptable and competitive to deliver maximum productivity while earning good revenues.

As the process involves purposeful training and development of newly hired candidates and existing task force, you might be thinking that it involves huge money and time. Spending money to train staff can be difficult for those who have limited budget and time constraints. To some extent, money and time are involved, still there are ways that not only involve money, but capable to give you good results soon after their implementation.

Below I am sharing few simple, cost efficient and amazing ways to improve employee recruitment, competencies for business owners and employee benefits.

Teaching new skills

This is one of the most cost effective methods to enhance proficiencies. You don’t have to spend money on booking venue to conduct training. There is no better place other than workplace to organize these training sessions. Constructive feedback is also the part of these sessions. All you need to do is to identify the weak areas to give a solid foundation to grow. It also helps them to identify the hidden talent of staff and open doors to new learning opportunities.

Job swapping

After analyzing individual capabilities, you can rotate your workers throughout the different departments in your organization. This not only facilitates them to learn entirely new skills, but also motivate them to build a strong network with other department. They take new responsibilities every time as a challenge and take all the steps to meet the challenges.

Announce bonuses and promotions

In order to encourage workers to join training sessions to improve their skills, you can announce performance based bonuses and promotions for individuals doing relevant certifications to improve their capabilities. Besides, this you can also facilitate them to join learning platforms, like seminars and e-learning programs where they can efficiently learn from books, manuals and articles provided by trainers.

Job tracking

This is another simple and cost effective method to improve overall performance of employees associated with your organization. It involves observing new hires by experienced staff. As senior colleagues are observing freshly hired or inexperienced individuals, they can also rectify them on the spot, in case they are making mistakes. The activity benefits both the participants. Those who are observing others will also learn how to train others, which itself a unique skill.


This is the most precious way to train individuals on all the levels. It involves dedicating a well-qualified industry expert as a mentor to guide workers about every aspect of their core job. They also teach them how their activities are connected with other departments. How their actions can contribute to the success and failure of the organization. After considering the needs, you can either assign a mentor to an individual or for the whole team. In any case they work enthusiastically to train task force so that they can improve their performance.

Add an extra challenge

In some cases all an employee need is a little boost up of morale to maximize their performance. This can be conveniently done after adding few more responsibilities in existing job responsibilities. Despite making their job challenging, it will also give them a feeling to do something new that eventually enhance their confidence and enable them to improve their competencies. This can be done after shifting them to a special project, or giving them leading roles in the team.

Summary: These are few simple and cost effective ways; you can implement to improve employee competencies at all levels in your organization.

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